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Noir at the Bar Mar 29, 2015 An evening of noir-ish readings featuring Thomas Perry, Jo Perry, Tim Hallinan, Naomi Hirahara, Jim Ruland and Maria Alexander. Author's books will be available for purchase and signing. 65 other events on Sunday, March 29
Bands coming to town and just-announced shows
Bill would require City Council approval of city-funded nonprofit's decisions
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Organizers of the Art+Feminism Wikipedia Edit-A-Thon in San Diego have a lot of work to do
Abderrahmane Sissako’s Oscar-nominated film tops our coverage of movies screening around town
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Wednesday, November 10,2010
Backwards & in High Heels

I quit!

Or, like so many, I wish I could

By Aaryn Belfer
Wednesday, October 27,2010
Backwards & in High Heels

A bone to pick

I hate to diss a museum but I have to diss a museum

By Aaryn Belfer
Wednesday, October 13,2010
Backwards & in High Heels

Not in my house

Don’t plan to come over here and watch commercial-free TV

By Aaryn Belfer
Wednesday, September 29,2010
Backwards & in High Heels

When worlds collide

The incompatibility of stoners and control freaks

By Aaryn Belfer
Wednesday, September 15,2010
Backwards & in High Heels

Bye-bye, little one

An argument in favor of the kindergartener

By Aaryn Belfer
Wednesday, September 1,2010
Backwards & in High Heels

Freedom of religion

Extremists think the First Amendment applies only to them

By Aaryn Belfer
Wednesday, August 18,2010
Backwards & in High Heels

Duped again

Steven Slater: Just another false hero?

By Aaryn Belfer
Wednesday, August 4,2010
Backwards & in High Heels

Number cruncher

Even a simpleton like me knows a stadium's a bad investment

By Aaryn Belfer

Wednesday, July 21,2010
Backwards & in High Heels

A way with words

Thoughts on the selective butchering of the English language

By Aaryn Belfer
While browsing the fashion collages posted at Polyvore the other day (polyvore.com), I clicked on a link for a brooch that had caught my eye and received the following message: “This item appears to be out of stock. Continue to coach.com anyways?” Something tells me Coach did not approve that message.
Wednesday, July 7,2010
Backwards & in High Heels

Back to school

The unintended side effect of being a parent

By Aaryn Belfer
If you were to offer me $10 million to do high school over again, I would turn you down before you could finish your sentence. It wouldn’t matter if I were allowed to take with me all the hindsight I’ve collected since tossing my mortar board out the window of my mother’s white Toyota Corolla with the lapis-blue interior. You could sweeten the pot with Elin Nordegren’s $100-million divorce settlement from her naughty little Tiger and I might entertain reliving the misery.