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Monday, June 29,2015
Backwards & in High Heels

Joy mixed with pain

Equality and funerals are the stories of the day

By Aaryn Belfer
Like so many other commuters last Friday morning, I navigated my way toward work barely able to see the road through the rush of my tears.
Monday, June 15,2015
Backwards & in High Heels

Opt out, tune in

School of life teaches more than standardized tests

By Aaryn Belfer
 L ast week was the first of two at my daughter’s school during which the new Smarter Balanced Assessments would be administered each day from 9 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. At the exact time most of
Monday, June 8,2015
Backwards & in High Heels

About that drought data…

Working stiffs reduce, the rich get the rebates

By Aaryn Belfer
Depending on which of the plentiful news articles you're currently reading about the California drought, San Diegans have either been really great at conserving water or not so great at conserving water. 
Tuesday, May 26,2015
Backwards & in High Heels

The renovation will not be on HGTV

A kitchen re-do can be emotionally exhausting

By Aaryn Belfer
It was sometime during the early- to mid-'80s when my mother took our kitchen down to the studs. I was between the ages of 12 and door-slamming angst, which, come to think of it, may or may not be all that temperamentally different than the me of today. 
Monday, May 11,2015
Backwards & in High Heels

Bail setting is racially imbalanced

Baltimore kid goes to jail as an example to would-be rioters

By Aaryn Belfer
Allen Bullock had been sleeping in jail for more than a week, and not too many people seemed appropriately pissed off about it. In fact, most people I talk to about him just stand silently, blinking, blinking. 
Monday, April 27,2015
Backwards & in High Heels

Resistance to mandated school tests grows

More than triple the number of kids opted out of federal exams

By Aaryn Belfer
I prepped my fourth-grader this past Sunday for her return to school following a month of unencumbered childhood, more widely known as spring break. 
Monday, April 13,2015
Backwards & in High Heels

The fairy tale of officer friendly

Just walking while black is still perceived as a crime in San Diego

By Aaryn Belfer
Two days after the captured-on-video murder of unarmed black man Walter Scott by white South Carolina police officer Michael Slager, my friend's black teenaged son dared to walk through his Scripps Ranch neighborhood. The nerve.
Monday, March 30,2015
Backwards & in High Heels

A smorgasbord of news topics

Punk pilots, Chargers chumps and slut-shaming Monica Lewinsky

By Aaryn Belfer
Being trapped in the land of So Many Topics to Choose From, I'm compelled to weigh in on as many as will fit on this page. Prepare for the smorgasbord I'm going to lay before you. 
Monday, March 16,2015
Backwards & in High Heels

Smarter Balanced Assessments are around the corner

In favor of opting out of the test

By Aaryn Belfer
The only thing obstructing my view of the end of my daughter's fourth-grade year is the ugly last third of it. I say "ugly" because what comes with the final excruciating months is the amplified prep for, and implementation of—wait for it—standardized testing.
Monday, March 2,2015
Backwards & in High Heels

Times are a-changin’

A big thank-you tucked between stories

By Aaryn Belfer
From the beginning, both D&K have been staunch and unapologetic supporters of my ideas and my writing, giving me full reign of the page.