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The Kids in the Hall Jun 03, 2015 The groundbreaking five-man sketch comedy troupe, discovered by SNL’s Lorne Michaels in the late '80s, are reunited and bringing their new live show to town. 66 other events on Wednesday, June 3
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The media artist/designer wants women to challenge the idea of what’s expected of them
Seen Local
The third in our series on the artists awarded grants through the Creative Catalyst Fund
Seen Local
After nearly 50 years, faculty and staff fear next two shows will be the last for a while
Bertrand Bonello’s biopic fragments history to find the emotion of style
Environmentalists take a hard stand against highway expansion


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Monday, June 1,2015
Sordid Tales

The trouble with smiting

God gave us the drought because he hates gays, duh

By Edwin Decker
Whatever the cataclysm, be it a tsunami, hurricane, pandemic or Kardashian family squabble, there's always more than a few lunatics who like to say the disaster is God's wrath against the LGBT community.
Monday, May 18,2015
Sordid Tales

To asterisk or not to asterisk?

Devising a system to identify disparities in the sports record books

By Edwin Decker
Thanks to recent controversies surrounding Tom Brady and Alex Rodriguez, the age-old argument involving the asterisk has re-emerged.
Monday, May 4,2015
Sordid Tales

Condoning and/or participating

A solution to the Religious Freedom Restoration Act problem

By Edwin Decker
It truly hurts my gonads to agree with the religious right about anything, but I take their side regarding the Indianapolis gay wedding cake denial debacle, and a spreading piece of legislation known as the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA).
Monday, April 20,2015
Sordid Tales

How to survive a music festival

The real-world advice on dress, drugs, Vaseline and more

By Edwin Decker
Now that music-festival season is upon us, it’s time once again to be inundated with countless magazine and blog stories with advice on how best to survive and enjoy your festival experience. 
Monday, April 6,2015
Sordid Tales

Treason! School pledge read in Arabic

I pledge allegiance to jihad on the United States of America

By Edwin Decker
I'm sure you've heard the one about the New York high school that committed "treason" by permitting a student to recite the Pledge of Allegiance over the school's PA—in Arabic.
Monday, March 23,2015
Sordid Tales

Putting women on money is so money

Why Harriet Tubman’s more deserving of the 20-spot than Andrew Jackson

By Edwin Decker
Perhaps you've heard of the group Women on 20s, which is seeking to replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill with a notable American female.
Monday, March 9,2015
Sordid Tales

The House that Influenza Built

Why I will no longer say, ‘God bless you’

By Edwin Decker
In other words, I will never again utter the words "God bless you" after somebody sneezes. And I don't care who it is: my mother, my boss, my parole officer.
Monday, February 23,2015
Sordid Tales

The changing definition of the word ‘literally’

Amnesty for ignorance is what it is

By Edwin Decker
Apologies for addressing this issue belatedly, but it only recently became known to me. Apparently, a little more than a year ago—quite silently and with minimal brouhaha—Webster's Dictionary (an
Tuesday, February 10,2015
Sordid Tales

How to tell her you only want a one-night stand

It won’t be easy, but it’s doable

By Edwin Decker
Dear Sordid Tales: I am a male in my late 20s who was recently jilted after a six-year engagement. Now that I’m single again, I’m not interested in anything serious. However, I’m not interested in being cruel or deceptive, either.
Monday, January 26,2015
Sordid Tales

Spending an evening at a five-douche dive

All I wanted was to just chill out with a few drinks, but no

By Edwin Decker
Some of you may have read my last column, about how, on a flight to upstate New York for the holidays, I found myself on board a three-baby plane. That was a horror-show, to be sure, but what happened the following night, on the nearly freezing evening before Christmas, was worse.