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The Darrell Hammond Project Jan 31, 2015

Darrell Hammond, the longest-tenured cast member in the history of Saturday Night Live, tells his own life story in a one-man show.

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Wednesday, January 28,2015

Inequality widens in California since the recession

This land is their land

By CityBeat Staff
California has the fifth-largest gap in the country between the average incomes of the 1 percent and the 99 percent—here, the wealthiest folks make, on average, 35 times what the rest of us make.
Wednesday, January 21,2015

Todd Gloria and David Alvarez are the opposition party

And that’s good for all of us

By CityBeat Staff
It surely sounds like Todd Gloria’s running for mayor. And it looks like he’s got a running mate of sorts in David Alvarez. This is good to see, whether or not you’re likely to support Mayor Kevin Faulconer for a second term in 2016.
Wednesday, January 7,2015

San Diego politics-watch, 2015

Our eyes are on these guys

By CityBeat Staff
You’ll see when you read further that it must be gender-non-specific. The following list of people to watch in San Diego politics in 2015 is loaded with women—more than half of the powerful people here carry two X chromosomes.
Tuesday, December 30,2014

Turds & Blossoms for 2014

Who gets the poops and who gets the petals

By CityBeat Staff
San Diego County Democratic Party: The local Dems get 22,644 tiny, ballot-bubble-size poopies. That’s the combined number of votes that the Republicans got over and above what the Dems got in three crucial elections this year.
Monday, December 22,2014

When will the Chargers finally propose?

Still waiting for a concrete idea from the Spanos clan

By CityBeat Staff
Mark Fabiani, longtime special counsel and front man for San Diego Chargers owner Dean Spanos, last week announced that the Chargers will once again not take advantage of the football company’s annual contractual opportunity to flee town for a place inhabited by more appreciative people.
Monday, December 15,2014

The ballad of Sherri and Todd

Assessing the Republicans’ ouster of the San Diego City Council president

By CityBeat Staff
Two weeks ago, we published an editorial urging San Diego City Councilmember Sherri Lightner to "stand down" amid a Republican scheme to install her as council president and end the reign of Todd Gloria.
Wednesday, December 10,2014

Bonnie Dumanis, Todd Gloria and SDSU frat boys

Some bad behavior all around

By CityBeat Staff
Let’s start this week with a pat on the back for U-T San Diego’s Greg Moran, who didn’t stop reporting on the reelection of San Diego County District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis after the reelection of Bonnie Dumanis.
Wednesday, December 3,2014

Stand down, Sherri Lightner

Republicans are reportedly backing her for City Council President, but she should decline

By CityBeat Staff
Wendy Fry of NBC 7 reported Monday that the Republicans on the San Diego City Council are orchestrating a coup to oust Todd Gloria as council president.
Wednesday, November 26,2014

UC tuition hike is not part of the plan

Increasing cost to students imperils the underpinnings of California’s system of higher education

By CityBeat Staff
The California Master Plan for Higher Education of 1960 is an amazing thing—a monumental thing that we doubt would ever get accomplished these days. 
Wednesday, November 19,2014

The deal with Todd Bosnich

What we know about the guy who did his damnedest to destroy Carl DeMaio

By CityBeat Staff
Todd Bosnich may or may not have sunk Carl DeMaio’s hopes of unseating Congressmember Scott Peters. But the former policy director for the DeMaio campaign certainly gave it his all.