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Barrio Art Crawl Jul 26, 2014 A free self guided tour consisting of murals, open studios, galleries, and local businesses throughout the Barrio Logan Arts District. Come enjoy art, live music, food, and vendors at places like La Bodega Gallery & Studios, Roots Factory, Union Barrio Logan, Glashaus, and more. 87 other events on Saturday, July 26
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Wednesday, July 16,2014

San Diego City Council leads the way on minimum wage

Bold move means low-wage workers will have a little extra coin

By CityBeat Staff
The Monday vote was a victory for low-wage workers who’ve rarely had champions in elected office, but it was also a victory for democracy.
Wednesday, July 9,2014

Murrieta spectacle was far worse than ‘ugly’

Kevin Faulconer should follow Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins’ lead

By CityBeat Staff
In a Sunday editorial, U-T San Diego called the immigration protests this past week in Murrieta “understandable but ugly.” Understandable? Seriously?
Wednesday, July 2,2014

Time for Bonnie Dumanis to come clean

News of the district attorney’s relationship with José Susumo Azano is mounting

By CityBeat Staff
District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis has claimed that she didn’t know that Azano had made illegal contributions on her behalf.
Wednesday, June 25,2014

Kevin Faulconer’s populism has a long way to go

Mayor’s actions so far betray his pitch, but there’s still hope

By CityBeat Staff
We’d like to join the Kumbaya chorus—all it’ll take is some bold action by Faulconer to turn his populist spiel into something more than an empty PR pitch.
Wednesday, June 18,2014

The Iraq-war psychos are back

Wolfowitz, Feith and Co. want money wasted and more Americans dead

By CityBeat Staff
Our old friends Wolfowitz, Kristol, Feith and Bremer, among others, are blaming President Obama because he followed through with a plan hatched during the Bush administration to end the U.S. war in Iraq in 2011. That’s so rich.
Wednesday, June 11,2014

Scott Peters and Carl DeMaio on guns

Find out exactly where they stand before you vote in November

By CityBeat Staff
There was another incident this week involving a gunman entering a public place and opening fire. This time, besides the shooter, there was one fatality, a boy, an Oregon high-school student attending classes on the second to last day of the term.
Wednesday, May 28,2014

Our June 3 election endorsements

A guide to a better world, in handy, clip-out form

By CityBeat Staff
For those traditionalists who like to vote in-person on Election Day, below is our clip-out guide that you can take to the polls. Since we published our detailed endorsements on May 7, some new information has come to light.
Wednesday, May 21,2014

Deep problems at Veterans Affairs

Books-cooking is just a symptom

By CityBeat Staff
That’s at least five distinct VA healthcare systems around the country where there have been accusations of secret waiting lists, destroyed documents and threatened retaliation against potential whistleblowers.
Wednesday, May 14,2014

Say, that new Waterfront Park reminds us...

Once again, let’s get control of the Navy Broadway Complex property

By CityBeat Staff
San Diego finally has something to be proud of along its Downtown waterfront, which is otherwise an embarrassing expanse of missed opportunities.
Wednesday, May 7,2014

Our June 3 primary-election endorsements

Follow these simple instructions and San Diego, California and the United States will be all kittens, unicorns, rainbows and flowers

By CityBeat Staff
The 2014 gubernatorial primary is June 3. Mail-in ballots became available this past Monday. Let's get right to our endorsements.