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Wednesday, September 17,2014

You, football fan, have the power

NFL will change its ways under public pressure

By CityBeat Staff
Combating the problem in society at large is hard. Attacking the problem in the NFL is easier. Already, public pressure has forced the league to act. Is it enough for you? If not, and you’re a football fan, you have power.
Wednesday, September 10,2014

Who cares about jail inmates dying?

Bill Gore? Bonnie Dumanis? The Board of Supervisors? You?

By CityBeat Staff
Since we launched our coverage last year of the high death rate in San Diego County jails, we’ve won some awards, and when we bring it up in conversation, we hear some nice plaudits. But no one who can do anything about the problem—the sheriff, whose department oversees the jails, and the county Board of Supervisors—seems to give a damn. 
Wednesday, September 3,2014

Jerry Sanders’ war

Chamber of Commerce, led by the former mayor, launches all-out campaign to regain control of San Diego

By CityBeat Staff
Sanders’ Chamber of Commerce announced that it was launching a new offensive to turn San Diego into the most business-friendly region in California.
Wednesday, August 27,2014

Don’t sign the anti-minimum-wage petition

Lying signature gatherers add to undemocratic referendum process

By CityBeat Staff
We’ve heard enough reports of lying that if the measure qualifies, it would do so based partly on misinformation.
Wednesday, August 20,2014

Assessing prison realignment

It’s not perfect, but it’s a big step in the right direction

By CityBeat Staff
CityBeat has long advocated for less incarceration and more use of alternative sentencing in California, and we supported the basic concepts behind realignment, which is the wonky term for diverting to county jails some lower-level offenders and parole violators who’d otherwise be sent to state prisons.
Wednesday, August 13,2014

Kevin Faulconer and poverty

Having trouble making ends meet? The mayor isn’t interested

By CityBeat Staff
So, 2.5 percent of the city’s population can delay the wage increase and sick-day mandate. Is that fair? Debatable.
Wednesday, August 6,2014

Face-palm: Bill Fulton is quitting

His replacement must not be a yes-man for industry

By CityBeat Staff
The news last week that Bill Fulton had resigned from his position as the city of San Diego’s planning director was not completely unexpected, but still extremely disappointing.
Wednesday, July 30,2014

Stop San Diego County’s pepper-spray abuse

Formal complaint against the Probation Department shows how far local juvenile-detention practices are out of the mainstream

By CityBeat Staff
This is serious business. Not only are detainees’ civil rights likely being violated; the climate being created in these facilities is hardening these youthful transgressors even more.
Wednesday, July 23,2014

Bad affordable-housing deal for San Diego

Fast sunset provision, no annual adjustment should send it back to the negotiating table

By CityBeat Staff
When San Diego Councilmember Lorie Zapf is this excited about a policy proposal, we all should be very concerned.
Wednesday, July 16,2014

San Diego City Council leads the way on minimum wage

Bold move means low-wage workers will have a little extra coin

By CityBeat Staff
The Monday vote was a victory for low-wage workers who’ve rarely had champions in elected office, but it was also a victory for democracy.