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World According To... Parker & the Numberman Apr 18, 2014 A Friday night series where Finest City Improv invites a special guest, or guests, to tell real-life stories that FCI's best improvisers then use to create comedic sketches. This week's special guests are local hip-hop act Parker & the Numberman. 57 other events on Friday, April 18
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Wednesday, April 16,2014

Faulconer OK with planning, but not innovating

Civic-idea lab should be given a chance to produce

By CityBeat Staff
The Mayor's office says that without the money from the Civic Innovation Lab, the city would be able to update only one or two community plans this coming year.
Wednesday, April 9,2014

For Barrio Logan: Yes on Props. B and C

Judge allows community-plan referendum to go to the voters, but also says ship-repair lobby fibbed

By CityBeat Staff
Commit this to memory: Vote yes on Props. B and C.
Tuesday, April 1,2014

How to fix the Balboa Park Centennial

Here’s our basic, simple, linear idea for a three-part structure

By CityBeat Staff
The 2015 Balboa Park Centennial celebration is an embarrassing mess and an outrageous scandal, and certain people walked away with a lot of money without producing a thing, but no one's going to jail.
Wednesday, March 26,2014

San Diego’s minimum wage is on the fast track

Ten bucks an hour just ain’t enough

By CityBeat Staff
This week, the National Low Income Housing Coalition released a report that said a person needs to make $26.04 per hour to comfortably afford a two-bedroom apartment in San Diego, which, according to the study, is exactly representative of California overall.
Wednesday, March 12,2014

Take us home, Kevin Faulconer

He won the housing-fee battle; now he has to deliver an alternative

By CityBeat Staff
San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer and his allies in the business community last week defeated an attempt by the majority of the City Council and affordable-housing advocates to raise a fee that developers pay to help finance construction of low-rent housing.
Wednesday, March 5,2014

San Diego’s open-government test

Faulconer delays Gloria’s email-deletion order, but he needs to go all the way and kill it dead

By CityBeat Staff

On Feb. 27, outgoing interim Mayor Todd Gloria infuriated open-government advocates and journalists by issuing a policy memo that said, starting on March 28, all city-employee emails older than one year would be deleted.

Wednesday, February 26,2014

U-T San Diego on drugs

Having some fun with two of the daily paper’s recent editorials

By CityBeat Staff
Editorials in U-T San Diego can be really funny, and few have been funnier than one published on Feb. 19 about marijuana.
Wednesday, February 19,2014

All eyes on Kevin Faulconer and Todd Gloria

New mayor has to play ball with popular progressive council president

By CityBeat Staff
Faulconer’s most likely challenger is Democrat Todd Gloria, who’s riding a huge wave of popularity after stabilizing city government as interim mayor in the wake of Filner’s tumultuous downfall.
Wednesday, February 12,2014

Chargers should draft Michael Sam

This LGBT-friendly city would be a great fit for the first openly gay player

By CityBeat Staff
We think it would be fantastic if the Chargers’ were to pick Sam in the May draft. There’s no doubt they could have him in the second round, and he’ll likely still be available in the third round.
Wednesday, February 5,2014

The real Kevin Faulconer

Not exactly independent, not exactly progressive

By CityBeat Staff
Faulconer's campaign is obviously aimed at voters who haven't been paying attention to civic affairs.