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Wednesday, July 1,2015

'Twelfth Night' like you’ve never seen it

Top-notch Shakespeare at the Old Globe Theatre

By David L. Coddon
You’ll be hard-pressed to find a production of Twelfth Night as beautifully conceived as the one that just opened the Old Globe Theatre’s Summer Shakespeare Festival.
Wednesday, June 24,2015

'Lady' sings and speaks the blues

Ion Theatre shines with Billie Holiday production

By David L. Coddon
Ion Theatre’s transformation of its adjacent URBN CENTR 4THE ARTS into a faded South Philly bar in the late ’50s provides an intimate candlelit setting for the gifted Cashae Monya’s performance as Billie Holiday in Lady Day at Emerson’s Bar & Grill.
Wednesday, June 17,2015

Unforgettable days in 'Come From Away'

La Jolla Playhouse productions recalls 9/11’s other heroes

By David L. Coddon
Thematically, Come From Away does not resort to flag-waving or double-park itself in melancholy. 
Wednesday, June 10,2015

'Sylvia' is a doggone good time

Tongues are wagging over New Village Arts Theatre production

By David L. Coddon
The year is just halfway through, but the comic performance of 2015 so far has to go to Samantha Ginn, who stars as a dog—yep, a dog—in New Village Arts Theatre’s delightful production of A.R. Gurney’s Sylvia. 
Wednesday, June 3,2015

It’s love vs. money in 'Rich Girl' at The Old Globe

Drama surrounds a homely heiress

By David L. Coddon
Take Henry James’ short novel Washington Square, adapt it for the Lifetime (“Television For Women”) network, and you’d have something like Victoria Stewart’s play Rich Girl, now at the Old Globe’s Sheryl and Harvey White Theatre under the direction of James Vasquez. 
Wednesday, May 27,2015

Super-sized drama at Cygnet Theater

Samuel D. Hunter’s 'The Whale' is a big story about love and death

By David L. Coddon
Samuel D. Hunter's The Whale is an uneasy spectator experience: two hours without intermission in the presence of a 600-pound character, Charlie, who’s been eating himself to death in the aftermath of his lover, Alan, having starved himself to death.
Wednesday, May 20,2015

'Arms and the Man' skewers love and war

George Bernard Shaw’s comedy delights at Old Globe

By David L. Coddon
With its sumptuous 19th-century costumes (designed by David Israel Reynoso) and applause-eliciting sets (scenic design by Ralph Funicello), the Old Globe’s production of George Bernard Shaw’s Arms and the Man has pizzazz to spare.
Wednesday, May 13,2015

'Cabaret' pulls no punches

Classic play elicits gasps at Welk Resort Theater In Escondido

By David L. Coddon
If you’ve never experienced Cabaret in person—in other words, your only reference point is the 1972 movie—then you really haven’t experienced Cabaret at all.
Wednesday, May 6,2015

'Lesson 443' offers lessons in letting go

Tatiana Suarez-Pico's play premieres at Moxie Theatre in Rolando

By David L. Coddon
The evolution of theater in San Diego, and the burnishing of its reputation, depends on theaters—beyond just the Old Globe and La Jolla Playhouse—presenting world-premiere works. 
Wednesday, April 29,2015

Anxieties, insights reside in 'Uncanny Valley'

Artificial intelligence cleverly portrayed at San Diego Repertory Theatre

By David L. Coddon
If thinking about artificial intelligence or the idea of downloading human consciousness freaks you out, or, if you’re prone to free-floating anxiety, Uncanny Valley probably isn’t for you.