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Rosarito Art Fest May 23, 2015 Art, handcrafts, performance artists, eclectic happenings and tasty examples of Mexican cuisine will be the main attractions at this sixth annual arts fest south of the border. Happens at Benito Juarez Hotel Festival Plaza. 79 other events on Saturday, May 23
From the Editor
The taxpaying citizens of San Diego should not pay for a new stadium
Music feature
Providence duo are busting eardrums for the long haul
Seen Local
The media artist/designer wants women to challenge the idea of what’s expected of them
Lawsuit challenges city-funded nonprofit’s authority to make land-use decisions
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The Lost Abbey opens a satellite tasting room in Cardiff-by-the-Sea


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Wednesday, May 20,2015

'Arms and the Man' skewers love and war

George Bernard Shaw’s comedy delights at Old Globe

By David L. Coddon
With its sumptuous 19th-century costumes (designed by David Israel Reynoso) and applause-eliciting sets (scenic design by Ralph Funicello), the Old Globe’s production of George Bernard Shaw’s Arms and the Man has pizzazz to spare.
Wednesday, May 13,2015

'Cabaret' pulls no punches

Classic play elicits gasps at Welk Resort Theater In Escondido

By David L. Coddon
If you’ve never experienced Cabaret in person—in other words, your only reference point is the 1972 movie—then you really haven’t experienced Cabaret at all.
Wednesday, May 6,2015

'Lesson 443' offers lessons in letting go

Tatiana Suarez-Pico's play premieres at Moxie Theatre in Rolando

By David L. Coddon
The evolution of theater in San Diego, and the burnishing of its reputation, depends on theaters—beyond just the Old Globe and La Jolla Playhouse—presenting world-premiere works. 
Wednesday, April 29,2015

Anxieties, insights reside in 'Uncanny Valley'

Artificial intelligence cleverly portrayed at San Diego Repertory Theatre

By David L. Coddon
If thinking about artificial intelligence or the idea of downloading human consciousness freaks you out, or, if you’re prone to free-floating anxiety, Uncanny Valley probably isn’t for you.
Wednesday, April 22,2015

'Unnecessary Farce' is a raucous ride

North Coast Rep show lets cast go berserk

By David L. Coddon
Playwright Paul Slade Smith’s Unnecessary Farce is a comedy about... forget it, details of the plot are unnecessary. 
Wednesday, April 15,2015

Surviving 'Lord of the Flies'

Stage adaption of classic novel gains late speed

By David L. Coddon
Like William Golding’s 1954 novel, obligatory reading for every high school English student, Nigel Williams’ 1991 stage adaptation of Lord of the Flies founders a bit until the young boys stranded on an island turn savage.
Tuesday, April 7,2015

Family ties strained in 'Sunset Park'

Comedy wrangles over caring for elderly parents

By David L. Coddon
Sunset Park is a neighborhood in Brooklyn, but it also sounds like the name of a nursing home, doesn't it? A place to spend the sunset years of one's evaporating life. This analogy doesn't come out of a clear blue sky. 
Wednesday, April 1,2015

Style trumps story in 'The White Snake'

Old Globe production is fairytale and visual feast

By David L. Coddon
Charming and resplendent, The White Snake is both fairytale and visual feast. If you’re interested in greater substance than that, you’ll have to wait until the very end of the 100-minute-long, one-act production.
Wednesday, March 25,2015

My Fair Lady a loverly night at the theater

Cygnet Theatre stages adventurous rendition of the venerable Lerner & Loewe show

By David L. Coddon
You can’t do justice to a production of My Fair Lady, the Broadway classic that doesn’t have a dud song in its entire musical score, without a full orchestra, right?
Wednesday, March 18,2015

San Diego Rep’s ‘Oedipus El Rey’ is not for Mother’s Day

Reimagined ancient Greek tragedy tops our coverage of local plays

By David L. Coddon
Luis Alfaro’s Oedipus El Rey takes the Greek tragedian Sophocles’ Oedipus the King (also known as Oedipus Rex) and reimagines it as a modern-day story in a Los Angeles barrio.