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TNT (Thursday Night Thing) Mar 05, 2015

Dive deeper into the art with tours, art-making activities, live music on the plaza, tasty cocktails, and bites from Green Food Truck in celebration of MCASD's newest exhibition Gravity and Grace: Monumental Works by El Anatsui.

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Wednesday, November 2,2011

Broke but Stoked, Mad House Comedy Club and a Cathedral X happening

Things to do at night

By Kinsee Morlan
We interrupt our regular roundup of nightlife happenings for a public-service announcement: The next time you’re considering driving drunk, call the new San Diego start-up Rides by Request instead.
Wednesday, October 26,2011

A night at The Griffin

Out with the old, in with zombies and reggae

By Alex Zaragoza
Earlier this year, Bay Park dive bar O’Connell’s was bought out by new owners, and all the regulars who called the ragged drinking hole their No. 1 place to hear mediocre bands had to go elsewhere.
Wednesday, October 19,2011

Mexi party machines

A celebration of the Golden Age of Mexican cinema

By Alex Zaragoza
Having been brought up mostly in Mexico means certain music is ingrained in me. I suspect that doctors allow a live mariachi band in the hospital delivery room in order to start indoctrinating at birth.
Wednesday, October 19,2011

A few neat things to do at night in San Diego

PechaKucha, our Best Of Party and Mixology Mondays are among the events you should hit up this week

By Kinsee Morlan
Next time you’ve got a hankering to go out on a school night, stop by this new Gaslamp spot and, for $20, choose a spirit and sample four cocktails made four different ways. Whatever you do, don’t go with vodka. Bartenders who refer to themselves as "mixologists" think vodka is for weenies.
Wednesday, October 12,2011

Bringing back the live liquid light shows

San Diego's Operation: Mindblow experiments with analog art

By Kinsee Morlan
Back in the 1960s and ’70s, you had guys like Mark Boyle who’d make already-epic concerts by bands like Pink Floyd even more unforgettable and psychedelic.
Wednesday, October 5,2011

Air-sex, Fernet and Oktoberfest

Four nightlife events to put on your hit list

By Kinsee Morlan
Picture someone playing air guitar. Now, replace the guitar with a lover and envision someone making filthy, sweet love an imaginary partner.
Wednesday, September 21,2011

Guest-list girl

If you've got an open bar, I'm in

By Alex Zaragoza
As a young, broke and fabulous girl trying to be about town, there aren’t many events I wouldn’t attend if the promise of an open bar is made.
Wednesday, September 14,2011

Industry insiders on HookItUpBro.com

Shedding light on San Diego's nightlife scene

By Seth Combs
Dunn says he’s been “overwhelmed by the positivity” from his nightlife peers. Anybody with a story is welcome to contribute, and Dunn is working on a feature that will allow contributors to text stories to the site while still on the job.
Wednesday, September 7,2011

98 Bottles' 'slowpening'

A new Little Italy spot takes things slow and easy

By Kinsee Morlan
The owners of 98 Bottles, a new boutique retail and entertainment lounge at 2400 Kettner Blvd., Suite 110, in Little Italy, are calling their opening this week a "slowpening."
Wednesday, August 24,2011

When South meet South Pacific

The Tiki Oasis crowd knows how to party

By Kinsee Morlan
Where can you hear a man in a Hawaiian shirt seriously ripping on a vibraphone, see a bleach-blonde pompadour that stands more than a foot tall and meet a fire-eating mermaid?