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TNT (Thursday Night Thing) Mar 05, 2015

Dive deeper into the art with tours, art-making activities, live music on the plaza, tasty cocktails, and bites from Green Food Truck in celebration of MCASD's newest exhibition Gravity and Grace: Monumental Works by El Anatsui.

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Ana Lily Amirpour’s western vampire film leads our rundown of movies screening around town


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Thursday, March 5,2015

Broken city street sweepers leave residents frustrated over neighborhood grime

After deep cuts, city’s vehicle-repair shop struggles to keep sweepers on the road

By Joshua Emerson Smith
 “I’m tired of living in a trashcan,” Uptown resident Laura Levine told City Councilmembers at Wednesday’s Environment Committee meeting. “I go out on Sunday’s with my broom and my sw
Wednesday, March 4,2015

Making the best of less

How the San Diego Housing Commission has used a limited resource to tackle homelessness

By Kelly Davis
San Diego’s effort to end homelessness can be compared to one of those old-time locomotives. In the early 2000s, it started off at a slow chug, then began to pick up momentum at the beginning of this decade.
Wednesday, February 25,2015

Potential organ recipients face off with doctors over medical-cannabis use

New bill would push hospitals to put pot-using patients on transplant waiting list

By Joshua Emerson Smith
The only thing that could save Justin Turley is a liver transplant, but, he said, his specialist at the hospital has refused to put him on the waiting list until he stops using cannabis.
Wednesday, February 18,2015

Tier it up

California has the biggest sex-offender registry in the U.S.—for no good reason

By Kelly Davis
California is one of only four states that require adults convicted of certain sex crimes to register with local law enforcement each year for life. Crime-free for 50 years? Bedridden? It doesn’t matter.
Wednesday, February 11,2015

Civic San Diego wraps up public outreach amid outcry

City-controlled nonprofit faces growing frustration from community groups

By Joshua Emerson Smith
With plans to invest tens of millions of dollars in underserved neighborhoods, the city-funded land-use nonprofit Civic San Diego has faced one major question: What are the agency’s priorities? 
Wednesday, February 4,2015

Desert Line remains shrouded in secrecy

Councilmember David Alvarez calls for transparency on railroad restoration

By Joshua Emerson Smith
How much will it cost to get the Desert Line up and running? And is the private company that’s holding the government contract to complete it up to the task?
Wednesday, February 4,2015

Legislation seeks to end isolation in juvenile facilities

Part of it comes down to the meaning of ‘confinement’

By Kelly Davis
Youth Law Center (YLC), the San Francisco legal-advocacy nonprofit that filed the complaint, initially set out to investigate the excessive use of pepper spray in San Diego County’s juvenile-detention facilities. But incident reports also revealed the routine use of solitary confinement— usually for two, three or four days.
Wednesday, January 28,2015

San Diego officials propose tweaks to rule residents say Jack in the Box broke

Critics claim change belies smart-growth planning

By Joshua Emerson Smith
If the San Diego City Attorney’s office gets its way, a judge will never rule on whether Jack in the Box and the city duped the public.
Wednesday, January 21,2015

Laura’s Law likely moving ahead in San Diego County

Board of Supervisors will consider preliminary approval

By Kelly Davis
It’s been more than four years since San Diego County first explored implementing a state law that’s divided the mental-health community over how to get seriously ill folks into treatment.
Wednesday, January 14,2015

San Diego County settles pays beating victim $250,000

Internal investigation had cleared the deputies involved

By Joshua Emerson Smith
If Sheriff’s Deputy Randall Ribada had allowed Lee Lacy to walk 10 more feet out the front door of the Chula Vista Courthouse, the entire incident could’ve been avoided. Instead, the county last week coughed up $250,000 to settle a civil-rights case.