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Lifeblood Harmony Apr 17, 2014 Malashock Dance and Art of Élan collaborate for the first time to present three evenings of original choreography set to live music by three of today’s most appealing contemporary composers: David Bruce, Judd Greenstein and Osvaldo Golijov. 61 other events on Thursday, April 17
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I don’t really go for the caged-wildlife thing to begin with
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Wednesday, May 8,2013
Summer guide

Summer Guide 2013

Our bike-themed issue shows you how to enjoy the season on two wheels

Hey, we know a juggernaut when we see one. That’s why, when we were brainstorming themes for this year’s Summer Guide, we chose bicycling.
Wednesday, May 8,2013
Summer guide

Discounts for San Diego cyclists

The bike shop that started the program is gone, but the perks remain

By Jeff Terich
In San Diego, cyclist commuters have the added privilege of being able to take advantage of discounts at a long list of businesses throughout the city.
Wednesday, May 8,2013
Summer guide

Pedal parties

Social biking groups bring fun and games to laid-back rides

By David Taube
Compared with Spandex-wearing, sponsored-jersey-donning cyclist teams, social bike groups are more casual endeavors. The groups range from those that go to Padres games or coffeehouses to those populated by beer drinkers who pedal around to parks and pubs.
Wednesday, May 8,2013
Summer guide

San Diego bike rides to suit every taste

Where to take that two-wheeled thing gathering dust in the garage

By Chris O'Brien
San Diego has perfect cycling weather and bicycle routes throughout the county. Just getting on your bike and out of the house is great, but as your skill level progresses, you’ll be looking for some more diverse riding experiences.
Wednesday, May 8,2013
Summer guide

Our summertime event picks

CicloSDias takes back the street on Aug. 11—plus 20 more rad things to do

By CityBeat Staff
On Sunday, Aug. 11, cyclists and pedestrians will have complete control of 30th through Golden Hill and South Park and into North Park.
Tuesday, May 7,2013
Summer guide

Bikes & Beyond is chilling me softly

A day at a cool bicycle-rental shop in Coronado

By Peter Holslin
Bikes & Beyond is more special than you might think. For the employees, it offers a glimpse into the strange workings of humankind.
Tuesday, May 7,2013
Summer guide

Hidden beaches of San Diego County

No butts about it, these lesser-known nooks are worth the trip

By Marie Tran-McCaslin
I was laying on the beach in Coronado on a gorgeous summer's day. The ocean was calm, the sand was warm and life was good. I was close to the water's edge, and the tide was slowly receding. I awoke
Tuesday, May 7,2013
Summer guide

Friday Afternoon Club Unlimited: happy hour on wheels

Bike group hauls the keg and the party

By Jeff Terich
Friday-afternoon happy hour is one of the greatest of America's traditions. There's little more satisfying than crossing the finish line of a long work week, loosening the necktie and having a round of beers with friends, colleagues or fellow local barflies.
Tuesday, May 7,2013
Summer guide

Morley Field Velodrome is NASCAR in the park

Consider some Tuesday-night racing for a different sort of summertime activity

By Michael A. Gardiner
The "Generation 6" cars that race on the high-banked ovals of NASCAR's short tracks have brakes. The bicycles that race on the high-banked track of the San Diego Velodrome do not.
Tuesday, May 7,2013
Summer guide

Roadies Hideaway: bed, breakfast and bikes

San Diego couple creates a North County inn for cyclists

By Kinsee Morlan
When Vicki and Rich Walsh lived in Pacific Beach, theyd be awakened in the middle of the night by drunken idiots. These days, its coyotes they hear when the moon is high.