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So You Think You Can Dance Tour Jan 26, 2015 The top dancers from the hit Fox competition TV show show off their moves in front of a live audience. 59 other events on Monday, January 26
Bands coming to town and just-announced shows
Arts & Culture feature
Work that made a mark locally in the last year
Spin Cycle
A crucial vote on the party’s future happens this month
Check 1, Check 2 | Music & nightlife
Observatory to take over historic location
The World Fare
Dumplings, borscht and Stroganoff highlight the La Mesa eatery’s menu


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Wednesday, May 21,2014
Summer guide

Summer Guide 2014

Our detailed manual for the intrepid summer-camper

By CityBeat Staff

How much do you miss going off to summer camp when you were a kid? A lot, right? Don’t you want to relive it No? You hated summer camp? Oh. Well, then, if those are painful memories, how about creating new ones?

Wednesday, May 21,2014
Summer guide

Bacon- and sausage-infused summer

Death for Food invites you to kill your own dinner—plus two-dozen other fun things to do in San Diego

By CityBeat Staff

The summer months will bring even more fun stuff to do in San Diego. What follows is a curated list of events, including a few featured happenings that gave us a chance to tie in our summer-camp theme, just for kicks.

Tuesday, May 20,2014
Summer guide

San Diego ice-cream social

14 places to get your frozen-dessert fix

By CityBeat Staff
What's summer without ice cream? And what's summer camp without an ice-cream social? In homage to the joy of stuffing your face with all sorts of sweet, chilled creamy goodness, here we bring together in one place some of the best spots to hit for some tasty frozen desserts.
Tuesday, May 20,2014
Summer guide

San Diego’s hidden urban canyons

There are way more of them than you think

By Joshua Emerson Smith
"I'm doing a story on San Diego's 13 canyons," I said over the phone to Eric Bowlby, executive director of nonprofit San Diego Canyonlands, hoping to cull some basic information. I had recently fo
Tuesday, May 20,2014
Summer guide

San Diego County’s swimmin’ holes

Hikes to cool off can be a leisurely stroll or a harrowing journey

By Ryan Bradford
Swimming holes not only epitomize the summer-camp experience; they also provide some of the most scenic, enjoyable environments in which to swim.
Tuesday, May 20,2014
Summer guide

Ramona’s winery scene is growing

Locals are turning the sunny, backwater hillsides into fine wine

By Kinsee Morlan
Campers looking to earn their wine badge this summer will find that the grape-rich region is far more than just a pit stop on the way to somewhere else.
Wednesday, May 8,2013
Summer guide

Summer Guide 2013

Our bike-themed issue shows you how to enjoy the season on two wheels

Hey, we know a juggernaut when we see one. That’s why, when we were brainstorming themes for this year’s Summer Guide, we chose bicycling.
Wednesday, May 8,2013
Summer guide

Discounts for San Diego cyclists

The bike shop that started the program is gone, but the perks remain

By Jeff Terich
In San Diego, cyclist commuters have the added privilege of being able to take advantage of discounts at a long list of businesses throughout the city.
Wednesday, May 8,2013
Summer guide

Pedal parties

Social biking groups bring fun and games to laid-back rides

By David Taube
Compared with Spandex-wearing, sponsored-jersey-donning cyclist teams, social bike groups are more casual endeavors. The groups range from those that go to Padres games or coffeehouses to those populated by beer drinkers who pedal around to parks and pubs.
Wednesday, May 8,2013
Summer guide

San Diego bike rides to suit every taste

Where to take that two-wheeled thing gathering dust in the garage

By Chris O'Brien
San Diego has perfect cycling weather and bicycle routes throughout the county. Just getting on your bike and out of the house is great, but as your skill level progresses, you’ll be looking for some more diverse riding experiences.