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From SuicideGirls and Walking Dead haunted houses to superhero art shows and Nerdist carnivals, there’s plenty to do without a pass.
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Legacy businesses, like MLB, can’t harness control forever
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Real estate company carves out significant space for local art
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Monday, July 27,2015
Well, That Was Awkward

Exposing the mystery of Patrón's Secret Dining Society

Sweaty costumes, celebrity chef Brian Malarkey and forced fun on a tequila train

By Ryan Bradford

I thought we were encouraged to wear costumes! It’s what I want to shout at everyone, standing on the corner of B Street and Kettner, giving me the side-eye. Everybody looks great: Ladies wear fancy cocktail dresses and heels; dudes wear button-ups. And here’s me, wearing the scorpion jacket Ryan Gosling wears in the movie, Drive.

Monday, July 13,2015
Well, That Was Awkward

Getting high with the fam

Birds of a feather take advantage of Colorado's legalized marijuana together

By Ryan Bradford
If you need an example of my inexperience with drugs, look no further than the image of me, sitting at a Café Rio in Grand Junction, Colorado, typing "weed" into Yelp. 
Monday, June 29,2015
Well, That Was Awkward

Just two dudes watching 'Magic Mike XXL,' no big deal

Venturing boldly into the cougars' lair, understanding Channing Tatum and drowning in whoos

By Ryan Bradford
Bodies glisten with sweat. They writhe together. You feel dirty looking, yet you can't look away. Nobody looks comfortable, but they're not not enjoying it. This is the line of people waiting to get into the advance screening of Magic Mike XXL on a hot Wednesday evening at the AMC in Mission Valley.
Monday, June 15,2015
Well, That Was Awkward

A wife's absence makes the heart grow fonder, unhealthier and crazier

When the cat's away, the mice will become complete garbage heaps

By Ryan Bradford
The column you are about to read is the account of the moral, intellectual and hygienic disrepair that befell one Ryan Bradford when his wife left the country for 10 days, leaving him alone with their
Monday, June 1,2015
Well, That Was Awkward

The night I crashed Neil Diamond

'This is, like, the least punk thing ever.'

By Ryan Bradford
The night I see Neil Diamond in concert is the first time I've ever wondered if I've inadvertently made a deal with the devil.
Monday, May 18,2015
Well, That Was Awkward

Singing the sorrow

All the times I've sung karaoke, ranked in terms of fear, shame and embarrassment

By Ryan Bradford
The thing is, I love karaoke. I spend ample amounts of time listening to songs that could be potential material, often while playing out theoretical scenarios in my head in which I whip a crowd into the same kind of Eminem-in-8 Mile exhalation.
Monday, May 4,2015
Well, That Was Awkward

All the negative feelings I had at the Mall of America

A nightmarish trip to the country's biggest mall is preceded by a night of free bourbon, drag queens and massive genitalia

By Ryan Bradford
The hangover should've been an omen. Or, perhaps it was the fact that the couple in the neighboring room was rehearsing a play at 9 a.m.—both seemed to be shouting their lines in a Mr. DNA-from-Jurassic Park dialect right into the wall next to my head. 
Tuesday, April 7,2015
Well, That Was Awkward

Fur and loafing at The Cat Café

Local cat dad indulges feline feelings at San Diego's first kitty coffee shop

By Ryan Bradford
Last year, I became a cat dad. I'd be lying if that statement didn't spur some internal conflict. I used to roll my eyes at the cat images that littered my social-media feeds, or smugly expound on the effects of the cat-carrying parasite toxoplasmosis ("Excreted through their feces!"). 
Monday, March 9,2015
Well, That Was Awkward

Reckoning your joy with sadness

An emotionally turbulent month is a reminder of the contradictory nature of life

By Ryan Bradford
My grandma died the week before my debut novel, Horror Business, came out. 
Tuesday, February 10,2015
Well, That Was Awkward

Love in the age of dick pics

Mastering virtual flirtation with the help of Tinder, Craigslist and horny dead girls

By Ryan Bradford
I take smug pride in never having had to court someone through the annals of virtual existence, I also feel like I’ve missed out on something that will define relationships in the future. I have never sexted anyone before, and I was thrilled by the idea.