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Wednesday, July 10,2013
A Trolley Show

Blood Red Shoes: A Trolley Show

English duo performs 'Lost Kids' on the MTS

By Ryan Bradford
Blood Red Shoes are intense. Listen to their albums and you get the sense that they spend their free time talking about dichotomies, revolutions and other punk stuff that seems to have a particular fierceness when it comes from Europe.
Wednesday, July 3,2013
A Trolley Show

The Wombats: A Trolley Show

Liverpudlians perform 'Jump into the Fog' for the MTS

By Ryan Bradford
It might be expected for a couple of Liverpudlians to bring their own gloom to summer, but The Wombats are normally pretty happy-go-lucky.
Wednesday, June 26,2013
A Trolley Show

Crystal Fighters: A Trolley Show

Spanish band performs 'LA Calling' on the MTS

By Ryan Bradford
Ever wondered what a band would sound like if it mixed the tropic-tinged sound of Vampire Weekend (sans the grooming) with the communal, group-love characteristics of bands like Edward Sharpe or The Polyphonic Spree? Crystal Fighters would likely be the answer.
Wednesday, June 19,2013
A Trolley Show

The Stone Foxes: A Trolley Show

Blues band performs 'Cotto' in Solana Beach

By Ryan Bradford
In this episode of A Trolley Show, we take a detour in Solana Beach where, unfortunately, the trolley doesn’t go. But that doesn’t stop the boys from The Stone Foxes from performing a lively version of their song “Cotto” before their show at The Belly Up.
Wednesday, June 12,2013
A Trolley Show

The Heavy Guilt: A Trolley Show

Expansive band brings all their toys on the MTS

By Ryan Bradford
If ever there were a McGyver of music, The Heavy Guilt’s Al Howard would be it. Give the guy a box of Rice-A-Roni, a saw blade and some chains and you’ll probably get a song out of it.
Wednesday, June 5,2013
A Trolley Show

Matt Costa: A Trolley Show

Folk rocker performs psychedelic 'Walls Like Windows' aboard the MTS

By Ryan Bradford

June is never an easy month in San Diego. That weird gloom sets in, and the usually laid-back demeanor of the city becomes downright dour. So, what’s the solution to the June funk? Drive out to the hot desert and get weird, of course, and that’s where Matt Costa comes in.

Wednesday, May 29,2013
A Trolley Show

Jukebox the Ghost: A Trolley Show

Brooklyn pop-rockers get cozy on the MTS

By Ryan Bradford
Sometimes, after so listening to so many beer-soaked blues bands or weirdo art rockers, you  just want to listen to a band that you could bring home to your mother. 
Wednesday, May 22,2013
A Trolley Show

The New Regime: A Trolley Show

San Diego drum prodigy Ilan Rubin performs "Daydream" on the MTS

By Ryan Bradford
Ilan Rubin has an impressive musical résumé. The San Diego native has played drums for Lostprophets and Angels and Airwaves and is a regular member of Nine Inch Nails. Oh, and he’s not even 25 years old yet.
Wednesday, May 15,2013
A Trolley Show

Gayle Skidmore: A Trolley Show

San Diego multi-instrumentalist performs

By Ryan Bradford
Gayle Skidmore can play over 20 instruments which, by our count, qualifies her as some sort of musical McGyver. 
Wednesday, May 8,2013
A Trolley Show

Josh Damigo: A Trolley Show

San Diego songwriter performs 'Pocket Change' for the MTS

You’re going to have a rough time finding someone who embraces the quintessential San Diego sound more than Josh Damigo, who’s been a CityBeat friend for a long time.