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Friday, June 26,2015
The World Fare

A different kind of Chinese at Xian Kitchen

Not a grain of rice to be found at Convoy District spot

By Michael A. Gardiner
You know it's a different kind of Chinese restaurant when there's no rice on the menu. And Xian Kitchen (4690 Convoy St.) in the Convoy District is definitely that: a very different kind of Chinese restaurant
Monday, June 22,2015
The World Fare

Heavenly poutine at Mess Royale

Hillcrest eatery serves food in true Montreal style

By Michael A. Gardiner
It is Lachance's fine mess that gives Mess Royale (142 University Ave.) in Hillcrest its name. Mess Royale's poutine features hand-cut and twice-cooked French fries topped with imported-from-Wisconsin cheese curds all slathered in a brown gravy based on beef, veal and chicken stocks.
Friday, June 12,2015
The World Fare

Popotla: A Baja seafood wonderland

Fish so fresh seals come out of the water to get it

By Michael A. Gardiner
Popotla isn’t a restaurant. It’s a fishing village, a beach and a bit of a tourist trap clinging to the Baja shoreline behind a decrepit arch.
Friday, June 5,2015
The World Fare

Ramen on a tightrope at Tajima

Southern Japanese ramen and small bites in Hillcrest

By Michael A. Gardiner
Ramen—good ramen, real ramen (as opposed to late night college drinking fuel)—is all about balance. It's a wonderful broth, sometimes deeply extracted, sometimes delicate. 
Friday, May 29,2015
The World Fare

Foodgarden Market: where culinary worlds collide

Celebrity chefs, up-and-comers and home-cooked meals in a Tijuana mall

By Michael A. Gardiner
This article began its life as a pissing contest on Facebook. What started as a thread in which writer/blogger/TV personality Bill Esparza criticized the level of analysis in Thrillist.com's article on the 16 best street-food cities in the world became a debate about what constitutes "street food." 
Friday, May 22,2015
The World Fare

There’s no 'con-fusion' at Myung In Dumplings

Bourdain-certified dumplings at Convoy District Korean-Chinese joint

By Michael A. Gardiner
Perhaps the best starting point is with Myung In's steamed dumplings with pork and shrimp. Essentially a Korean take on sui mai, this version's shaped a bit more like a "beggar's purse" and garnished with chives.
Friday, May 15,2015
The World Fare

A Dapper Dipper in Mission Hills

Best sandwich on the planet, Part 7: Rubicon Deli

By Michael A. Gardiner
The "French Dip" is Southern California's entry in the Best Sandwich on the Planet derby. The version at Rubicon Deli (3715 India Street, Mission Hills), the Dapper Dipper, may be the best I've tasted.
Friday, May 8,2015
The World Fare

You know it when you see it at Kabob House

Superb falafel and great grilled meats in Golden Hill

By Michael A. Gardiner
In Jacobellis v. Ohio, 378 U.S. 184 (1964), Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart declined to define "hardcore pornography," writing, instead: "I know it when I see it." The same might be said of Middle Eastern food.
Friday, May 1,2015
The World Fare

Authentic, or not, at Szechuan Taste?

Incendiary heat and numbing, flowery flavors at Convoy District spot

By Michael A. Gardiner
Authentic: It's a word we think we understand. Take "Chinese food," for example. We think we know "authentic Chinese" right up until we realize that deep into the '60s, chop suey was the hallmark, though chop suey is hardly a Chinese dish at all. 
Friday, April 24,2015
The World Fare

Las Gueritas: Highly unique street food

Grilled quail and rabbit served here in the Valle de Guadalupe

By Michael A. Gardiner