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Alvy Ray Smith: From Pixels to Pixar Nov 24, 2014 The cofounder of Pixar and Altamira gives patrons a quick tour through computer graphics with amusing stories, vintage pictures and videos, and much more. 49 other events on Monday, November 24
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A work of historical fiction with a speculative twist
Backwards & in High Heels
Let’s move this time machine to 2014, shall we?
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Friday, November 21,2014
The World Fare

Have rolls your way at Downtown’s Sushi Freak

Be careful what you wish for, because it will come to you

By Michael A. Gardiner
The program at Sushi Freak (1071 Sixth Ave. with another location in Linda Vista) can result in excellent rolls. My salmon roll in nori with avocado and green onion and a spicy-tuna topping was superb.
Friday, November 14,2014
The World Fare

Emerald Seafood Restaurant is a Convoy District gem

Well-executed classic dim sum and the best tripe in town

By Michael A. Gardiner
The downside of getting paid to eat (and write about it) is not having enough time to enjoy favorite haunts on as regular a basis as I would like. Instead of weekly weekend brunches of dim sum—that
Friday, November 7,2014
The World Fare

Baja food laid bare at Común Kitchen & Tavern

Chef Chad White brings BajaMed and street food to East Village

By Michael A. Gardiner
The most exciting development on the San Diego food scene is the ongoing Baja invasion—a distinct, high-end cuisine known as “BajaMed” and the influence of an equally exciting brand of street food.
Friday, October 31,2014
The World Fare

Supannee offers farm-to-table Thai in Point Loma

Restaurant honors vegetables as much as proteins and sauces

By Michael A. Gardiner
The toasted ground rice in the pork larb was the first hint that there was something different about Shelter Island's Supannee House of Thai.
Friday, October 24,2014
The World Fare

With a name like Wrench and Rodent, it’s gotta be good

Oceanside hole-in-the-wall has the power to astonish

By Michael A. Gardiner
The importance of first impressions is the stuff of advertising slogans and books about business motivation and self-improvement. Wrench and Rodent Seabasstropub is the exception that proves that rule.
Friday, October 10,2014
The World Fare

Street tacos don’t get better than Tacos Kokopelli

Deep flavors and bright salsas bring out the best in Tijuana street food

By Michael A. Gardiner
If, as Anthony Bourdain claimed, Ensenada's Mariscos La Guerrerense is "the best street cart in the world," then perhaps Tacos Kokopelli (Calle Ocampo at Blvd. Agua Caliente) is the best street cart in Tijuana.
Friday, October 3,2014
The World Fare

Kurt Metzger is keeping food real at Kitchen 4140

Farm-to-table directness right on your way to Costco in Bay Ho

By Michael A. Gardiner
somewhere along the line, "farm-to-table" became less Alice Waters and more a marketing slogan. It said more about how a chef wanted to be seen than about what came into and out of the kitchen. The term became meaningless.
Friday, September 26,2014
The World Fare

Precisely layered textures and flavors at Mariscos La Guerrerense

Why Anthony Bourdain says it’s ‘the best street cart in the world’

By Michael A. Gardiner
A great feature at La Guerrerense (at 1st and Alvarado in Zona Centro) is the remarkably extensive salsa bar, featuring a line of 13 unique house salsas bottled by Bandera.
Friday, September 19,2014
The World Fare

Market Restaurant offers eclectic, elegant simplicity

Precision, solid technique and multicultural accents at Del Mar icon

By Michael A. Gardiner
At the heart of nearly all great high-end cooking—regardless of cuisine, culture or style—is simplicity. It may seem somewhat counterintuitive: Elaborate dishes, exotic preparations, luxury ingredients and ultra-modernist techniques = simple?
Friday, September 12,2014
The World Fare

The Cheesesteak Whizardry of Gaglione Brothers

Grantville joint is a bit of Philly on the Left Coast

By Michael A. Gardiner
Gaglione Brothers in Grantville (10450 Friars Road, Suite B), though, has managed to take the cheesesteak out of Philly without taking the Philly out of the cheesesteak.