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Del Mar Mile Family Fun Run Nov 27, 2014 Kickoff Thanksgiving with a one mile run on the racetrack with a portion of the proceeds benefit Helen Woodward Animal Center and their equestrian therapy program. 46 other events on Thursday, November 27
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More than 3 years after his death, a jury will decide if it could have been prevented


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Friday, November 14,2014
One Lucky Spoon

Eclipse Chocolate delivers a serious sugar rush

Desserts eclipse entrées at South Park bistro

By Mina Riazi
Few sentences fill me with more anxiety than “Pass the chocolate.” Though an early adopter of the mom-administered “sharing is caring” mantra, I struggle to part ways with the sweet stuff.
Friday, November 7,2014
One Lucky Spoon

Homespun comfort food at Trieu Chau in City Heights

Decades-old eatery offers a crowded menu in a cluttered setting

By Mina Riazi
On a sun-scorched twist of University Avenue, beneath a cloudless blue sky, sits Trieu Chau. The restaurant’s faded exterior and barred windows begin a visual story that develops inside.
Friday, October 31,2014
One Lucky Spoon

Leilani’s Café in Pacific Beach perfects lazy weekend brunch

Say ‘Aloha’ to classic Hawaiian dishes in an idyllic setting

By Mina Riazi
The menu at Leilani's reflects Hawaii's cross-cultural cuisine, shaped by the immigrant groups that began arriving in the late 19th century. 
Friday, October 24,2014
One Lucky Spoon

Saja Korean Kitchen needs to narrow its focus

Food is rich but uninspired at new Gaslamp joint

By Mina Riazi
Saja Korean Kitchen is young and bright-eyed and eager to improve.
Friday, October 10,2014
One Lucky Spoon

Salt & Cleaver is a carnivore’s paradise

Inventive sausages are the strongest link at this Hillcrest joint

By Mina Riazi
Don't take your borderline-vegetarian, quinoa-adoring, sodium-shunning friends to Hillcrest's Salt & Cleaver. 
Friday, October 3,2014
One Lucky Spoon

Oodles of noodles at Tu Thanh

Deep, bold flavor marks this City Heights Vietnamese restaurant

By Mina Riazi
While traveling through Istanbul a few summers ago, I noticed something peculiar: tea drinkers everywhere—at all hours—despite the city's three-digit temperatures.
Friday, September 26,2014
One Lucky Spoon

Unpretentious, home-cooked eats at Faridas Somalian Cuisine

An international menu—at the price of colonization

By Mina Riazi
Located in the southeastern San Diego neighborhood of Ridgeview-Webster (1754 Euclid Ave.), Faridas East Africa Cuisine is a family-run, self-labeled "bistro" that relies on the grit of its matriarch—a pint-sized woman whom I watched leave the eatery in a flurry of floor-sweeping fabrics.
Friday, September 12,2014
One Lucky Spoon

Tacos Perla pairs inventive fare with Pinterest-approved digs

The salsas dance at this North Park joint

By Mina Riazi
Opened in late June, the Mexican-influenced restaurant (3000 Upas St.) offers traditional and non-traditional street-style tacos.
Thursday, August 28,2014
One Lucky Spoon

Classic Greek recipes prevail at Barleyanfigs

Newly opened La Jolla restaurant fancies fresh flavors

By Mina Riazi
Husband-and-wife duo Constantine and Sofi Coss opened Barleyanfigs this past January. Chef Sofi helms the kitchen, preparing classic Greek fare like spinach-stuffed spanakopita and grilled gyros served simply with pita bread and tzatziki.
Friday, August 15,2014
One Lucky Spoon

Vegetarian with a spiritual edge at Jyoti-Bihanga

Birthplace of the ‘neatloaf’ has a somewhat messy history

By Mina Riazi
The "neatloaf" served at Jyoti-Bihanga (3351 Adams Ave. in Normal Heights) is the restaurant's most iconic dish and its best seller.