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Soweto Gospel Choir Apr 16, 2014 Singing in English as well as a number of South African languages, the two-time Grammy Award-winning choir fuses traditional African gospel music—complete with occasional clicks and bird songs—with Western songs of celebration. 56 other events on Wednesday, April 16
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Canvassed | Art & culture
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Wednesday, January 22,2014
Arts & Culture feature

Azalea Park Arts District wills itself into reality

City Heights neighborhood takes early steps toward carving out a new home for creativity

By Kinsee Morlan

Residents have started envisioning Poplar as a perfect new home for the arts. In fact, the name Azalea Park Arts District has already started making the rounds. 

Wednesday, January 8,2014
Arts & Culture feature

Cy Kuckenbaker documents San Diego with an innovative technique

Filmmaker is creating an homage to the city and grabbing millions of views in the process

By Joshua Emerson Smith
Cy Kuckenbaker’s video of multiple planes simultaneously flying into San Diego International Airport elicits the thrill of a good magic trick. Four-and-a-half hours of plane landings cleanly distilled into 26 seconds—how on Earth did he do that?
Tuesday, December 31,2013
Arts & Culture feature

San Diego art that made an impact in 2013

13 artworks and exhibitions that made a mark locally

By Kinsee Morlan
For this list, I asked artists, curators and arts advocates to either submit their own artwork and exhibitions or recommend others. I got such a huge response that I was ultimately forced to whittle things way down and only include bigger exhibitions and more public types of art.
Tuesday, December 24,2013
Arts & Culture feature

Sophie’s Gallery enables artistic ability

A new partnership for St. Madeleine Sophie's Center means artists with disabilities can keep up the good work

By Kinsee Morlan
Tim Conaway is developmentally disabled, which qualifies him for the art-making services offered at Sophie's Gallery & Gift Shop in El Cajon, an off-campus program of St. Madeleine Sophie's Center (SMSC) that houses large artist studios and a small gallery space.
Wednesday, December 11,2013
Arts & Culture feature

Collective Magpie awakens the audience

San Diego art collective’s participatory works creatively engage the public

By Kinsee Morlan

Barnadas and Tae Hwang consider themselves just two-thirds of Collective Magpie. The last third of the collaborative-art project is the participant.

Wednesday, December 4,2013
Arts & Culture feature

Space 4 Art’s search for permanence

East Village nonprofit continues down the challenging path toward property ownership and lasting affordability

By Kinsee Morlan

Securing a permanent home for Space 4 Art will become even more pressing in coming months.

Wednesday, November 20,2013
Arts & Culture feature

Public art in deserving places

Grant program serving low-income areas like Lincoln Park and Logan Heights

By Jennifer McEntee

Lincoln Park will be the first of four communities to receive a public-art piece under a two-year initiative funded with $530,000 from the philanthropic nonprofit James Irvine Foundation.

Wednesday, November 13,2013
Arts & Culture feature

The seven-headed serpent monster

San Diego’s alternative art spaces rise, fall and rise again

By Susan Myrland
However, these spaces often have a limited lifecycle. The last 12 months saw the closure of Double Break, Garage 4141, Habitat House, Periscope Project and Sala de Espera.
Wednesday, November 6,2013
Arts & Culture feature

Eight reasons to check out Art San Diego

Contemporary art fair opens in Balboa Park this week

By CityBeat Staff
Art San Diego Contemporary Art Fair is back for its fifth year, and its second at the Balboa Park Activity Center. From Friday, Nov. 8, through Sunday, Nov. 10, the 38,000-square-foot space will be filled with work by dozens of artists, from as near as here and as far away as Perth, Australia. is back for its fifth year, and its second at the Balboa Park Activity Center. From Friday, Nov. 8, through Sunday, Nov. 10, the 38,000-square-foot space will be filled with work by dozens of artists, from as near as here and as far away as Perth, Australia.
Wednesday, October 30,2013
Arts & Culture feature

Pea Hix and the mystery of memory

San Diego artist gives new life to strangers’ discarded photographs

By Alex Zaragoza
Pea Hix makes composite art from these found objects. For instance, he takes two old photo slides that complement each other and layers them to create interesting, often peculiar images—like a skier climbing a snowy mountain that’s inhabited by a gigantic lizard.