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SDAI Winter Exhibition Dec 19, 2014 This exhibition will include solo shows by local artists, a group exhibition featuring San Diego artists and Tijuana-based street artist PANCA will debut her large-scale mural in the entryway of SDAI. 73 other events on Friday, December 19
Sordid Tales
How can so many people be wrong about something for so long?
There She Goz
Children’s center is training tiny, adorable consumers
Seen Local
City takes a slow and careful approach to the public-art gem
Rosemary Summers succeeded in 2013, and her parents want justice
The World Fare
Kearny Mesa Chinese place serves the best potstickers and xiao long bao in town


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Tuesday, December 16,2014
Music feature

Idyll Wild builds a rich sonic world

Quintet takes time to get their sound right

By Jeff Terich
When the members of Idyll Wild close the door to their cozy Ocean Beach studio and rehearsal space, the outside world disappears.
Wednesday, December 10,2014
Music feature

Johnny Marr hits his solo stride

Former Smiths guitarist moves beyond his storied past

By Scott McDonald

Johnny Marr has new goals. You’d think the guitarist for The Smiths would be content more than 30 years into his storied career. He’s not.

Wednesday, December 3,2014
Music feature

The sun-baked sound of Allah-Las

L.A. psych-rockers navigate the eternal summer

By Scott McDonald
A band like Allah-Las couldn’t come from Brooklyn. They couldn’t be from Austin or Portland or any other hipster-band enclave across the country. They’re just too California.
Wednesday, November 26,2014
Music feature

Pallbearer transcend through doom

Arkansas metal band thinks outside the riff

By Peter Holslin

 Pallbearer, a metal quartet from Little Rock, Arkansas, have sadness and loss encoded in their name.

Wednesday, November 19,2014
Music feature

Alvvays keep jangle-pop alive

Toronto quintet stay true to DIY and C86

By Jeff Terich
In the summer of 2013, Canadian indie rockers Alvvays (pronounced “always”) were rounding out two years of living in Toronto after relocating from Nova Scotia and had slowly amassed an album’s worth of studio recordings. 
Tuesday, November 11,2014
Music feature

United Nations are an intense art-punk committee

Hardcore group blends satire with a furious sound

By Jeff Terich
Even though Geoff Rickly is the only constant in United Nations, he concedes that even he’s not essential to the survival of the band.
Wednesday, November 5,2014
Music feature

Rhye are masters of sensual balladry

Los Angeles duo crafts emotion-soaked love songs

By Dustin Lothspeich
“I don’t hear this woman in me that everyone hears.” Michael Milosh, half of the indie electro / R&B duo Rhye, doesn’t understand the worldwide fascination with his voice. It is, admittedly, a curious instrument.
Wednesday, October 29,2014
Music feature

10 terrifying songs for Halloween

An extra-scary phantom playlist

By Jeff Terich

 If you go to a Halloween party this year, you’ll almost certainly hear some combination of “Thriller,” “Monster Mash” and, at the cooler parties, “Bela Lugosi’s Dead.” That’s all fine and good, but in order to tap into the menacing potential of All Hallow’s Eve, why not take a scary music playlist to its illogically traumatizing extreme?

Wednesday, October 22,2014
Music feature

Hall and Oates are a guilt-free pleasure

There’s no shame in this duo’s game

By Jeff Terich

Pick and choose certain moments from throughout Hall and Oates’ career, and you’ll come away with a pretty ridiculous picture. But whether you choose to ignore this or embrace it, it doesn’t overcome one important fact: As songwriters, Hall and Oates have a résumé that’s hard to argue with.

Tuesday, October 14,2014
Music feature

The Afghan Whigs’ not-so-quiet storm

Soulful rockers are fueled by a sensual darkness

By Jeff Terich
Indeed, sex and melancholy are two of the most prevalent characteristics in The Afghan Whigs' songwriting, dating all the way back to their aggressive 1990 Sub Pop Records debut, Up In It.