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Wednesday, July 23,2014
Music feature

The Aquabats are saving the world!

Costumed ska heroes spread a positive message

By Peter Holslin
For some, the image of The Aquabats looms large in the imagination. Years before the advent of YouTube, they made their live show a multimedia experience, with video interludes, onstage battles, bopping beach balls and toddlers crowdsurfing on inflatable rafts.
Friday, July 11,2014
Music feature

Boris’ amplifier worship

Tokyo trio obliterates expectations

By Jeff Terich
 Named after an epic track by The Melvins, Boris isn't a band that entirely makes sense on paper.
Wednesday, July 9,2014
Music feature

Cloud Nothings work hard, play hard

Cleveland indie rockers are light on frills, heavy on melody

By Ben Salmon

Let’s get this out of the way: Dylan Baldi, the founder and core of the Cleveland post-hardcore band Cloud Nothings, is 22 years old.

Wednesday, July 2,2014
Music feature

Wye Oak divide and conquer on new album

Baltimore duo use geographical obstacles to their advantage

By Jeff Terich
Jenn Wasner didn’t play guitars on Wye Oak's Shriek, instead focusing on bass and vocals, while Andy Stack took up synth duties.
Wednesday, June 25,2014
Music feature

Lee Fields’ soul salvation

R&B singer preaches the gospel of feeling good

By Scott McDonald

Lee Fields may have to get a pulpit. The man can preach. Put aside the fiery funk jams and sweet soul serenades that define his remarkable 45-year career—when the veteran singer talks, it’s a different kind of sermon.

Wednesday, June 18,2014
Music feature

The sonic redemption of Prayers

Cross-border duo combines contrasting subcultures with ‘cholo-goth’ music

By Dita Quiñones
In Sherman Heights, where Prayers frontman Rafael Reyes grew up, summers were far from picturesque.
Wednesday, June 11,2014
Music feature

Tombs strike gold on third album

New York metal band opens up their extreme sound

By Jeff Terich
Savage Gold, released Tuesday, June 10, via Relapse, simultaneously sounds like the work of the band that recorded Path of Totality and something new altogether.
Wednesday, June 4,2014
Music feature

The rebirth of Failure

Alt-rock innovators return to play for a new audience

By Jeff Terich

In late 1996, Los Angeles alternative-rock trio Failure seemed on the verge of something huge. They’d just released their sprawling third album, Fantastic Planet, and its lead single, “Stuck on You,” earned them airplay on stations like 91X and KROQ

Tuesday, May 27,2014
Music feature

Pink Mountaintops’ summer jams

Stephen McBean captures a feel-good psychedelic sound

By Ben Salmon
But Get Back, the fourth album by McBean's experimental pop-rock project Pink Mountaintops, was pushed back for years while McBean tried to find the right players and environment to not only make it, but to actually be properly prepared to make it.
Wednesday, May 21,2014
Music feature

Protomartyr’s Motor City murk

Detroit band's post-punk is darkly satirical

By Jeff Terich
When asked why he got into music, Protomartyr vocalist Joe Casey attributes it to one simple thing: “Boredom.”