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One on One Mar 01, 2015 More than 60 San Diego artists will display work at the newly restored historic Sterling Hardware building space. There will also be an unveiling of a two-story high "Fractals Series" mural by Monty Montgomery. 58 other events on Sunday, March 1
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Wednesday, February 25,2015
Music feature

The introspective epics of Yob

Oregon trio play massive doom metal with a human touch

By Jeff Terich
For many people, Mike Scheidt is Yob. Gentle and hirsute, he’s the face and the versatile voice of the Oregon doom-metal trio.
Wednesday, February 18,2015
Music feature

Falling in love, with Lucinda Williams

Veteran songwriter enjoys resurgence of creativity

By Scott McDonald
Lucinda Williams' 2007 album, West, was a revelation. Mining the impossible emotions of losing a parent, and guided by her new relationship with Overby, Williams wrote enough material for two albums.
Wednesday, February 11,2015
Music feature

Juicy J’s secrets to success

A step-by-step guide to achieving fame and fortune from the godfather of trap

By Peter Holslin
I recently spoke with Juicy J over the phone, and he imparted some hard-earned lessons that are certain to help us all find success in this fast-changing world.
Wednesday, February 4,2015
Music feature

Pharmakon captures the sound of real horror

Margaret Chardiet transforms trauma into industrial epics

By Jeff Terich
Pharmakon doesn’t make music for the faint of heart. It’s discordant, punishing stuff, built from mangled structures and distorted melodies.
Wednesday, January 28,2015
Music feature

You Blew It! rise up from the basement

Florida indie-rock group rides the emo-revival crest

By Peter Holslin
You Blew It! started as a side project in 2009, and the band’s gone through a lot in the six years since—including something like 12 lineup changes, Jones says.
Tuesday, January 20,2015
Music feature

The pernicious visions of Cult of Youth

New York group showcases an accessible darkness

By Jeff Terich
In early 2014, when Sean Ragon was writing the songs that would become Final Days, New York post-punk group Cult of Youth’s fourth album, he was struck by an eerie and overwhelming feeling—a feeling that everything in his life was about to go suddenly, horribly wrong.
Wednesday, January 14,2015
Music feature

Russian Circles practice heavy diplomacy

Chicago group celebrates 10 years of burly bummers

By Ben Salmon
Chicago post-metal trio Russian Circles don’t so much write songs as build them, piece by piece.
Wednesday, January 7,2015
Music feature

Eric Church is an alternative to bro-country

His new album ‘The Outsiders’ is more rock, less schlock

By Jeff Terich

Eric Church certainly has room for growth ahead of him, he’s already left a heavy impact by offering an ambitious alternative to mainstream country.

Monday, December 29,2014
Music feature

The best albums of 2014

Eight CityBeat writers pick their albums of the year

By CityBeat Staff
Punk rock has always supposedly been the voice of the maligned, yet it's always generally catered to the straight, white, aggro male. Transgender Dysphoria Blues—the first record Against Me! singer Laura Jane Grace wrote since transitioning to a woman—truly delivers on the potential of punk rock's promise.
Monday, December 22,2014
Music feature

The persistent pulse of Cumbia Machin

Joaquin Hernandez trades drumsticks for samplers

By Jeff Terich
Joaquin Hernandez has spent most of his adult life behind a drum set. As a teenager, he started playing in punk group Chicken Farm and opened for bands like The Dead Milkmen and Green Day.