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Wednesday, July 1,2015
Music feature

The emotional blueprint of Sannhet

Brooklyn instrumental trio’s music is open-ended by design

By Jeff Terich
Nothing Sannhet does is accidental. For bands that play noisy music with guitars, this might go against logic or conventional wisdom
Wednesday, June 24,2015
Music feature

Constant Gardner

Playing, producing, dream-catching–Dutch polymath Jacco Gardner does it all

By Scott McDonald
Jacco Gardner is a self-proclaimed dreamer. And not the inspirational-quote-on-a-bumper-sticker type, either. The 27-year-old Dutch singer/songwriter is much more of the literal kind.
Tuesday, June 16,2015
Music feature

Head Wound City are back after 10 years of build-up

Meet the hardcore supergroup—featuring members of The Locust, Blood Brothers, Yeah Yeah Yeahs--that almost never was

By Seth Combs
 “I hate that shit,” says Pearson, over coffee in Mission Hills. “I like the concept and ethics of hardcore and punk. It’s so important..."
Wednesday, June 10,2015
Music feature

The creative democracy of Le Chateau

Electronic trio focuses on honing their songcraft

By Jeff Terich
In February, Le Chateau released their self-titled debut EP, and it’s a stunning document of the unexpected musical synergy these three individuals create.
Wednesday, June 3,2015
Music feature

Ceremony sheds hardcore mantle

California quintet embraces post-punk on 'The L-Shaped Man'

By Jeff Terich

Halfway through a phone interview on a May evening before his band heads out on tour, Ceremony guitar player Anthony Anzaldo grows ponderous.

Wednesday, May 27,2015
Music feature

Spoon goes back to basics

Long-running indie rock group finds its soul

By Ben Salmon
The “lonely” (Daniel’s word) process of self-producing Transference also led to the decision to work with two big name producers for its follow-up, They Want My Soul, which Spoon released last year through Loma Vista Recordings after putting out five albums on venerable indie label Merge Records.
Wednesday, May 20,2015
Music feature

Royal Thunder sheds their skin

Atlanta-based hard rock outfit’s path of personal growth

By Jeff Terich
Before writing and recording new album Crooked Doors, Mlny Parsonz, frontwoman of Atlanta-based hard rock outfit Royal Thunder, went through a pretty intense period of life change.
Wednesday, May 13,2015
Music feature

Ex Hex work hard, play hard

Washington trio hold their power pop to a high standard

By Jeff Terich
On Ex Hex’s debut album Rips, released last year on Merge Records, you won’t find a single note out of place. Each of its 12 tracks is concise and streamlined (not a single one pushing the four-minute mark), and there are almost no sounds on the record that weren’t made by guitar, bass, drums or human voice.
Wednesday, May 6,2015
Music feature

The Sonics are still booming

Pioneering garage punks back after crazy hiatus

By Scott McDonald
Even on the phone, Larry Parypa’s natural cool is unmistakable. The guitarist and founder of ’60s garage rock pioneers The Sonics is direct, devoid of pretense and unfazed by his band’s astonishing resurgence in recent years.
Wednesday, April 29,2015
Music feature

Lightning Bolt’s empire of noise

Providence duo are busting eardrums for the long haul

By Jeff Terich
Staying fresh as a band for 20 years is difficult, no matter what you sound like. But when you’re a band like Providence, Rhode Island duo Lightning Bolt—with all their frenetic, high-energy sounds coming from just bass, drums and vocals—the challenge grows all the more daunting.