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Zoltan Kaszas Apr 20, 2014 The recent winner of the inaugural San Diego Comedy Festival and the Seattle Comedy Festival. 50 other events on Sunday, April 20
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A tale of near-death, bloody steaks and unprecedented opulence
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Documentary about ill-fated project leads our rundown of movies screening around town
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What could’ve been, what could be and what’s actually happening with the embattled 2015 celebration
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San Diego artist’s site-specific installation explores conspiracy theories


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Monday, April 14,2014
There She Goz

Gooping like Gwyneth

Consciously uncoupling and self-improving, Paltrow-style

By Alex Zaragoza
Breakups blow, especially when there are hurt feelings and disappointment involved and that bitch Gwyneth Paltrow steals your breakup thunder.
Monday, March 10,2014
There She Goz

Floating in heartbreak

Looking for answers in a sensory-deprivation tank

By Alex Zaragoza
Fans of floatation therapy do it for a number of reasons. Some go for stress relief and to achieve total relaxation, others do it to help with pain. I was there for the third reason floatation therapy has become popular: to allow your brain to be completely clear and focus on something with zero distractions.
Monday, February 10,2014
There She Goz

A hot date with my vagina

Treat yourself—and your lady business—to some good lovin’

By Alex Zaragoza
I'll admit that my masturbation sessions usually involve lying in bed in a slovenly fashion with Parks & Recreation paused on the TV. It's not the sexiest thing in the world.
Monday, January 13,2014
There She Goz

Women aren’t funny? Bitch, please!

Standing up to tired gender inequality with dick jokes

By Alex Zaragoza
"Women aren't funny." How many times have we heard that? When I hear it now, it's like seeing a laserdisc player. I think, This still exists?
Monday, December 16,2013
There She Goz

Confronting fear by consulting the stars

An astrologist told me to trust my wine-soaked gut

By Alex Zaragoza
Fear is very hard to overcome when you feel vulnerable. Should I even trust my gut? That thing's probably pickled in wine and high-fructose corn syrup.
Monday, November 18,2013
There She Goz

Barefoot and stoned in Hippieville

Boulder and my college roommate are delightfully kooky

By Alex Zaragoza
"That one looks like an elephant doing ballet. Or wait, no. It's playing a guitar. Hold up. I was wrong. It's a T-Rex smoking a joint. Dude, I'm super-fucking-high." This is a direct quote from an incredibly stoned version of me.
Monday, October 21,2013
There She Goz

Hunting g-g-g-ghosts with a juggalo paranormal investigator

My mom and Jay Willard keep me curled up at night

By Alex Zaragoza
The spirit world is an integral part of Mexican culture. I grew up listening to creepy ghost stories, terrified but unable to keep from asking, "And then what happened?"
Monday, September 23,2013
There She Goz

Recharging my toughness with a female fighter

We women have to learn to punch back

By Alex Zaragoza
I'm not just talking boyfriends here. This isn't some Sex and the City shit. It's our bosses, our dads, our brothers and some asshole who called us a fat bitch for not crossing the street fast enough. It's other women who are determined to Regina George us.
Tuesday, August 27,2013
There She Goz

When in Rome, jump out of an airplane

Skydiving and triumphing over barfing

By Alex Zaragoza
I've never seriously considered skydiving. I get mildly anxious on airplanes, and I regularly have nightmares that involve falling from great heights and landing with a bloody splat onto concrete. Plus, I tend to be a worst-case-scenario type of person.
Monday, July 29,2013
There She Goz

We are all asking for it

Hanging at a rap concert, the Filner scandal hurt my heart

By Alex Zaragoza
Imagine how conflicted I felt at the Under the Influence of Music festival, which featured a line-up of rappers—including A$AP Rocky, Trinidad James and Wiz Khalifa—who turn chronic pot smoking and objectification of women into club bangers so catchy that a feminist can't help but twerk that ass.