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Tuesday, January 20,2015
Seen Local

Marina Abramović makes her mark on San Diego

Performance artist reminds locals of the importance of being present

By Kinsee Morlan
Excitement reverberated through the San Diego art scene when the UCSD Arthur C. Clarke Center for Human Imagination announced a visit by performance artist Marina Abramović and invited folks to apply
Tuesday, January 20,2015
Seen Local

Future of the San Diego Foundation’s arts funding questioned

With expert Felicia Shaw gone, some wonder about the organization's ongoing support

By Kinsee Morlan
There’s a shortage of arts-and-culture funding in San Diego. That’s why there’s been shock and concern in the arts community after the recent announcement that Felicia Shaw, longtime director of arts and the creative economy at The San Diego Foundation, had left her position.
Tuesday, January 13,2015
Seen Local

Meet our cover artist, PANCA

Tijuana’s Paola Villaseñor pictures the side of humanity most folks try to ignore

By Kinsee Morlan
Street artist Paola Villaseñor, better known by her nickname, PANCA, shocked her Mexican-immigrant parents when, at age 18, she moved from her suburban home in Chula Vista to the urban center of Tijuana.
Monday, January 12,2015
Seen Local

Paint Encinitas colors the city, one mural at a time

Jax Meyers and her volunteer-run organization want to fill blank walls with art

By Kinsee Morlan
The concept isn’t anything new or spectacular: Jax Meyers simply wanted to fill empty walls with art. The idea quickly turned into Paint Encinitas, Meyers’ now-year-old, volunteer-run organization that’s successfully overseen the addition of two large-scale, outdoor murals and is getting ready to unveil a third.
Tuesday, January 6,2015
Seen Local

Meet our cover artist, Sarah Stieber

San Diegan cranks up ordinary life with color and positivity

By Kinsee Morlan
Sarah Stieber is unapologetically Southern Californian. The young artist looks and sounds like she’s from SoCal, and she’s been told many times that her paintings capture the particular air and feel of the region, too: bright, colorful, optimistic and a little wild and wacky.
Monday, January 5,2015
Seen Local

Keep an eye on Bread & Salt in 2015

Logan Heights warehouse is a hotbed of original artistic activity

By Kinsee Morlan
The raw and gritty warehouse space inside Logan Heights' sprawling Bread & Salt building (1955 Julian Ave.) is the perfect setting for avant-garde artistic experimentation. 
Monday, December 22,2014
Seen Local

A slow comeback for public art at the port

Spokesperson says, ‘We’re definitely in better shape’

By Kinsee Morlan
Last summer, the Unified Port of San Diego ruffled the local art world’s feathers when it announced cuts to its public-art program.
Wednesday, December 17,2014
Seen Local

Adam Belt returns to his roots as a landscape painter

Experimental artist goes back to the beginning and inspires a new series of place-inspired pieces

By Kinsee Morlan
Adam Belt is an experimental, conceptual artist inspired by the Light and Space movement, but his newest body of work is an interesting return to his roots as a landscape painter.
Monday, December 15,2014
Seen Local

Pennie Vollet hopes his masks inspire more art in public spaces

San Diego artist’s project makes creative use of found palm fronds

By Kinsee Morlan
Large, exotic-looking masks made from painted and pieced-together palm fronds have been popping up on street poles in North Park, Hillcrest and East Village. The “BOBHA Masks” are the creation of
Tuesday, December 9,2014
Seen Local

Meet our cover artist, Virginie Mazureau

French artist creates her fantastical worlds while surrounded by the comforts of Carlsbad

By Kinsee Morlan
Virginie Mazureau's studio, in a way, is like her paintings, which are fantastical scenes often depicting children surrounded by peculiar animals and an assortment of other unexpected and whimsical things.