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Wednesday, Dec 18, 2002

Letters to the editor

Rock feud; Extreme Ed; CityBeat's P.O.V.; Insightful Ed

By Nobody

Rock 'n' roll feudin'

I am writing to you regarding to your article covering Mr. Crow's (Pinback) speech at the music awards [“Locals Only,” Nov. 6]. I am a little miffed that he is trying to jump on the John Reis bandwagon concerning the boycott of the new SOMA club. It is hard for me to understand why 10-plus years later Mr. Reis is still whining about an incident that he had brought on himself. What would he have done if one of the sound people had kicked his guitar over and poured water into his guitar head and then elbowed him in the stomach when he tried to ask them to stop? Would he have just stood by watching or would he have acted in an aggressive manner?

Concerning Mr. Crow, I was the so-called bouncer that “punched his lights out.” But I too am a sound person and not a bouncer, so this raises the question, what did Mr. Crow do to deserve a lashing? Mr. Crow was standing near the front of the stage. I was the monitor guy and had a clear view of the downstage security. Mr. Crow thought that he was being cute by striking one of the security guys in the back of the head when he wasn't looking. I observed this action three times and ran out on stage and advised Mr. Crow that if he did it again, he would be removed from the event.

I went back to my position and again observed Mr. Crow's idiot action and then took it upon myself to remove Mr. Crow forcefully from the venue. I was then confronted by Len Paul, the owner, and was asked to leave because of my lack of professionalism. I was not paid for the day's work and was suspended by the sound company for the next three main floor shows.

The point is that the guys have nothing better to do than blame everybody else for their stupidity. They blame SOMA and they blame Len, but they don't blame themselves. There is a theory that states, “For every action there is a reaction.” Maybe Mr. Reis and Mr. Crow should take note of this theory.

And on a side note, Rocket from the Crypt played a show at Grossmont College on Nov. 15 that resulted in a low turnout and had had numerous noise complaints that resulted in Rocket being able to play for 10 minutes. What does Mr. Wizard have to say to the crowd, after he has already collected his money? “Hey everybody, all 120 kids, they're telling us we only have 10 minutes, so I think that you should all go back to the gate and get your money back.” This just proved to me what a real asshole Mr. Reis is.

Feeling sorry for Mr. Reis is not a very good marketing idea, but then again, the person feeling sorry for him is him.

Mike Klowas, La Mesa

Thankfully extreme

I am writing to commend you for having the balls to publish a guy like Edwin Decker. As a long-time reader of Slamm and of your young magazine, I know his column comes under fire week after week.

Although I'm not the biggest fan of his writing style, I appreciate his extreme views on such recent issues as 9/11, kids and drugs and, most recently, the Catholic Church. I know his article will prompt many angry zealots to write your publication, so I wanted to represent the other demographics-the ones who have come to realize that God is within each one of us; the ones who don't need to be told what to think; the ones who know murder, rape and molestation are wrong without first reading it in a book.

I don't think I need to remind anyone how many Israelis, Palestinians, Americans and Australians have died violently in recent months in the name of religion. I want to thank Mr. Decker for using his platform as a journalist to bring these politically sensitive subjects to the forefront and forcing people to think seriously about their own belief systems.

Josh O'Rourke, Ocean Beach

Fresh perspective

This is a quick note to let you know I am very pleased with the voice you've wedged into the traditional and entrenched editorial forums in this community. I find your opinions and subject matter pertinent, timely and, most of the time, resonant with my own.

It's certainly fresh and well presented-as opposed to the cacophony of alternative publications with vague meanderings of new culture and neo-hipness–and on point with respect to 21st century (read: “modern”) San Diego issues. (It's not your father's city any more.)

A suggestion I have made to KPBS is that your editorial staff-Mr. Rolland?-join the Friday morning radio forum hosted by Gloria Penner. Weekly, monthly, whatever. Please consider it.

Thanks-and keep up the good work. And never get rid of Edwin Decker!

Donny Vaughn, Midtown

Insightful Ed

Since I moved here to San Diego, I have enjoyed reading every column Edwin Decker has written. I want to let him know that there are people out there who appreciate candid journalism. We need more columnists like him, people who are blunt, to the point and unafraid to speak their mind in a conservative city like San Diego.

It is nice to know that there are other people in this world who also have intuitive insight into reality. Keep up the good work!

Ryan Pearsall, Clairemont