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Wednesday, Aug 27, 2014

Crossword: 'BBs'

CityBeat's weekly puzzle

By Brendan Emmett Quigley


1. “Stop right there, I don’t wanna hear it”

4. Graphic file format

10. Back in the olden days

13. Towing org.

14. Brazilian fad dance of the ‘90s

15. It may be full of lemons

16. LSD with Babe Ruth’s face on it?

18. Completely suitable

19. Excessive flattery

20. The NCAA’s Sun Devils

21. Zooey Deschanel’s band ___ & Him

22. Duck who serves as a hitman?

27. “The Apple Cart” playwright

29. Line in algebra

30. Crew gear

31. “The Fault in ___ Stars”

32. ___ Stacy (Peter Parker’s true love in “Spider Man”)

33. E = IR formulator

35. Debris touched by Midas?

41. Muscle group targeted in planks

42. Rush hour rarity

43. Tank container

44. Swiss city on the Aare

47. “At Sunset” comic Mort

48. “30 for 30” channel

49. Fishing corks made of pasta?

53. Sugar substitute?

54. ___ spree (rolling)

55. Extra Value Meal, e.g.

58. Nat. whose capital is Luanda

59. What Elmer Fudd said after getting the thing he’s always wanted?

63. Deli bread

64. Cream-filled treats

65. Mia, in “Pulp Fiction”

66. Condition that involves mood swings and chocolate binges

67. Stump

68. “U ___ bro?”


1. File folder extensions

2. Folksy address

3. “You didn’t have to tell me that”

4. Secret competitor

5. “Just speaking frankly,” in IMs

6. [We don’t know who’s opening the show, but trust us, they’re going to be AWESOME, we hope]

7. Bright parrots

8. “Revenge is ___ best served cold”

9. “Taming of the Shrew” city

10. Wasilla’s state

11. “Caddyshack” villain

12. Whiskered river animals

14. Life partner?

17. Batch of homemade beer

23. Tears up but good

24. Crossed out

25. Is a patron of, as a restaurant

26. Afro pick, e.g.

27. Bad juicer

28. “Whazzat?”

32. Sloppy lump

33. Big name in toothbrushes

34. Lean-to

36. Group with colors and signs

37. Soft drink brand with fruity flavors

38. It might have a band’s name written on it

39. Attitude

40. Coastal flying bird

44. C

45. Saxophone or sandwich

46. Cooking spots

47. In a rock-solid fashion

48. Spain’s longest river

50. Yes guitarist Steve and NHL legend Gordie

51. Make a law of

52. Punch lines?

56. Actress Stone who played 32-Across

57. Fire up a Kindle

60. Emeril’s exclamation

61. Jr.’s jr.

62. Italian crowd