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Wednesday, Mar 26, 2014

Crossword: 'Scratch That'

Weekly crossword by Ink Well Xwords

By Ben Tausig

A pair of tickets for a 4.5 or 8 hour Pacific Nature Tour will be awarded weekly. Email a picture of your answers to or fax it to 619-325-1393. Limit one win per person per 30 days. 

Visit Ben Tausig's website:

Click here for a printable PDF.


1. “I’ve never heard of that person”

4. “Only You” new wave duo, as known in the U.K.

9. Alec Baldwin’s former affiliation

14. Geologist’s unit

15. Heaters

16. Garlic sauce in Guy Fieri’s unfortunate “Tex Wasabi’s Fish Tacos”

17. Caustic stuff

18. Huge fan of spells, conjuring, and anything and everything broom-related?

20. Bolivian city named by conquistadors

22. Driver on “Girls”

23. Sushi seaweed

24. Important considerations in Cy Young Award voting

26. Joint production?

28. What happened, perhaps, after “Tower Heist” failed to be nominated for Best Picture?

34. Time ___

35. Bond villain named Julius

36. Rakim’s partner in old-school hip-hop

39. Devoured

42. PIN pad device

43. What’s in the room

44. Name used while pointing a cane

45. Matches

47. Fish in Guy Fieri’s unfortunate
“Tex Wasabi’s Fish Tacos”

48. Task in the pit after a blowout?

52. Sit or rom follower

53. Coin with the same name as a dynasty

54. Obey Bob Barker, in a way

57. Manner

61. Song, as it were

64. Blown-up, make-believe sous-chef?

67. Prohibition

68. It might give you a gut feeling

69. All-male nude thing, perhaps

70. “Go, Ronaldinho!”

71. Classy gals

72. Put on the books

73. Domain name ending available to pornographic sites


1. It might get pumped

2. Patrick Ewing or Patrick Ewing, Jr., in college

3. Occupy Wall Street target

4. “Holy cow!”

5. Mp4 relative

6. Sixth Greek letter, though it seems like it might be the last

7. How fewer and fewer albums are released

8. Org. that investigated SeaWorld

9. Burning ___

10. Instruction next to an X

11. Bringing a bottle of water through security, e.g.

12. Damon Albarn band

13. Bank based in New York

19. Apple-on-the-desk option

21. Abstract artist Jean

25. Barrett who played on the only great
Pink Floyd album [*ducks*]

27. Sanctuary for bikes or rakes

28. Tragic war stat

29. In the direction of, formally

30. Tries to seem big

31. Trailing behind

32. Rourke’s “The Wrestler” costar

33. Classic Samberg-Timberlake “SNL” song

37. Masked scavenger

38. “Master and Commander”-era boat

40. Hobby vehicle for Donald Rumsfeld (seriously)

41. Fire obsessive, casually

46. “Babe” location

49. Palindromic plus-sized model

50. Scallopini piece

51. Response to a dad joke, say

54. One might have TBA listed on it

55. Typewriting type size

56. One of trillions in a single human body

58. Subject heading abbr.

59. Genesis venue

60. PBS show with episodes about tornadoes and catacombs and the like

62. Powdery mineral residue

63. Lego competitor

65. Word on a towel for couples who I guess couldn’t find different colored towels

66. Jean-___ Picard