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Wednesday, Jan 29, 2014

Crossword: 'Wherever You May Roam'

Weekly crossword by Ink Well Xwords

By Ben Tausig

Click here for a downloadable PDF.

A pair of tickets for a 4.5 or 8 hour Pacific Nature Tour will be awarded weekly. Email a picture of your answers to or fax it to 619-325-1393. Limit one win per person per 30 days. 

Visit Ben Tausig's website:


1. “Just stop right there ...”

5. Jerk-offs

10. Twins share one

14. Lyman gave him to Jon, presumably;
it’s never really explained

15. Comic Marc who hosts the podcast “WTF”

16. Certain solo

17. Group of priests dipping fruit in melted chocolate?

20. Extract hydrocarbons and also maybe poison everyone

21. KitchenAid mixer add-on

22. Boehner, e.g., for OH

24. Surfing site

25. Drive-___

28. Slightly cracked

32. Building girder

36. Cry from Bull on “Night Court”

37. Comparatively bare-bottomed military assault?

39. Scottish hooligan

40. M.C. Escher technique

41. Flee fast

42. East African safari park effort?

44. Campbell who was one of five on
“Party of Five”

45. To-dos

46. Auntie of pretzeldom

47. Tram loads

48. See 50-Across

50. With 48-Across, was pissed

52. Give someone else heads

58. Lefty

62. Press charges against a Snuggie-clad werewolf encountered on an acid trip?

64. Citation abbreviation

65. Count in jazz

66. Creamy tone

67. Obama campaign word

68. Cold periods

69. Geology class periods


1. Remove, as a cap

2. Portable toilet problem

3. Dobrev on “The Vampire Diaries”

4. Senator at the center of the 2013 government shutdown

5. “Just stop right there,” casually

6. Wizard’s instrument

7. Best Picture winner tied with “Gigi” for shortest title

8. Meatless Monday ingredient

9. Hose problems

10. Islamic fundamentalist branch

11. “Milk’s favorite cookie”

12. Picasso contemporary

13. Lie like a lizard

18. Instrument in quirky contemporary bands

19. Believer

23. Focus, as on a cinematic detail

25. Kitchen grabbers

26. A spotted one might be spotted at the zoo

27. Made a fresh hole

29. Revolutionary cabal

30. Festoon

31. Scout’s job

33. Pot user out on a boat?

34. Patrón source

35. Pictures of Ryan Gosling or goofy-looking cats, often

38. Is freaking awesome

40. Score less than, usually

43. ___ Group (enormous private equity firm)

44. “Ah, OK”

49. Lotion application units

51. Business-owning toon Nahasapeemapetilon

52. László who lost repeatedly to
Michael Phelps

53. Manual’s opposite

54. Sharp increase

55. Nation in 7-Down

56. Early Apple computer name

57. Bit of intimate apparel

59. Velvet Underground singer, for a time

60. “Life is Peachy” nu-metal band

61. Weight

63. “Au Revoir ___ Enfants”