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Wednesday, Aug 14, 2013

Crossword: 'Copy Edits'

Weekly crossword by Ink Well Xwords

By Ben Tausig

Click here for a printable PDF.

Two $20 gift certificates to Mitch’s Seafood will be awarded weekly. Email a picture of your answers to or fax it to 619-325-1393.

Visit Ben Tausig's website:


1. Vocal quality for Tom Waits

5. Newton’s math, briefly

9. Bluth twin

14. One who takes the cake
(in order to decorate it)

15. Where to find Canton, Toledo, Lima, Medina, Dublin, and Athens

16. General feeling

17. Sell-off when Hostess went bankrupt?

20. Farmville maker

21. Chooses pieces

22. Slugger’s pickup, quickly

24. “Rumor has it ...”

25. “She lost her voice on ‘Poker Face’ and fell down dancing to ‘Bad Romance’”?

29. Statistical hypothesis trial

33. Person at a reunion

34. Modern navigation letters

35. “Cue the ___”

36. Org. for out athlete Jason Collins

37. Org. that lobbies for looser restrictions
on ballerina costume sales?

39. New York-based kitchen gadget maker

40. Afraid to fire

42. Got the hell out of there

43. Lovers’ discussion (it’s not an argument)

44. Dealt some blow?

45. Viral video in which a defendant gets a light sentence?

47. PLO Chairman Mahmoud

49. Sappy, in slang

50. One who brings two sides together

53. Toe problems

57. Nanobot’s hypothetical ability, and the process that’s overtaken this puzzle’s theme answers

61. Lightened (up)

62. Fill with stuff

63. Jay Z’s hubristic nickname for himself

64. Has the lead

65. Trees that may be slippery

66. Like sausage fests


1. César of fancy hotels

2. Painfully dull?

3. Caught, in a way

4. Handout before a show

5. Commonly mislabeled food fish

6. “It all makes sense now ...”

7. Where the golf ball is

8. Duke men’s basketball head
since 1980, familiarly

9. Loud and dramatic, as a voice

10. Cold War-era Indonesian president

11. Cease to bleed

12. AIDS activist Arthur

13. Vintage vehicles

18. Controlled environments

19. Saturn SUV

23. Dude attending to networking emergencies, e.g.

24. Covers, as a car

25. Weed- and turf-obsessed groups?

26. Pitchfork review subject

27. Batshit

28. On the nose

30. Emulate Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green

31. When the night shift ends, often

32. Liberty Bond, e.g., for short

35. Carter’s Secretary of State Cyrus

37. “Psycho” follower

38. It’s good to shoot under it

41. Recipient of a candidate’s sexts, often

43. Irons (out)

45. Agatha Christie character Miss ___

46. Song with the lyric “Young man, are you listening to me?”

48. Sacramento newspaper

50. Dr. Bronner’s, notably, has a great many of them

51. Anal

52. Cult classic “___, She Wolf of the SS”

54. Sly & the Family Stone’s
“There’s a ___ Goin’ On”

55. Cold-smoked salmon

56. Buy before it’s sold out

58. “Funny vid, thx”

59. Conclusion of a Cartesian conclusion

60. Software installation needs, at times