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TNT (Thursday Night Thing) Mar 05, 2015

Dive deeper into the art with tours, art-making activities, live music on the plaza, tasty cocktails, and bites from Green Food Truck in celebration of MCASD's newest exhibition Gravity and Grace: Monumental Works by El Anatsui.

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Reviews of ‘‘You Who Read Me with Passion Now Must Forever Be My Friends’ by Dorothy Iannone and ‘Binary Star’ by Sarah Gerard
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Wednesday, Feb 20, 2013

Crossword: Puzzle Schmuzzle

Weekly crossword by Ink Well Xwords

By Ben Tausig

Download a printable pdf here.  


Two $20 gift certificates to Mitch’s Seafood will be awarded weekly. Email a picture of your answers to or fax it to 619-325-1393.

Visit Ben Tausig's website:


1. Grass or snow, e.g.

5. Isle of Napoleon’s exile

9. Not in bottles

14. Representation

16. Yogurt-based Indian stew

17. Department of urology?

19. Org. that permits Pete Weber’s post-roll “crotch chop”

20. Action film in which Hans Gruber quotes Plutarch

21. Jazz singer Carmen

24. Maj. with credits for studying credit

26. Michele on Broadway

27. 99% of the toys baby Julius owns, e.g.?

31. Drink gingerly

32. Funk style

33. In order (to)

36. Woody Allen’s whole thing?

41. Years in Latin class

42. ___ Claire, Wisconsin

43. Hefty reference: Abbr.

45. Total jerk lawn care guy?

50. Manti who got awfully defensive when asked if he was gay

53. Acts like a little bitch, perhaps

54. Helps someone get their battery going?

55. Bit out of a book

58. TV show that Gerald Ford was the first president to appear on

59. Meager cream cheese portion?

65. Jazz crooner Mel

66. Magazine that started Occupy Wall Street

67. “___ the speech, I pray you, as I pronounced it to you”: Hamlet

68. It’s white and innocent

69. Big name in unhealthy quarts


1. MLB injured reserves, briefly

2. Tape deck abbr.

3. “Oh gawwwd”

4. Certain arm candy, in tabloids

5. It dwarfs Vesuvius

6. Good thing to break, in a saying

7. Song parodied by “Fat”

8. Developer chemical, in photography

9. Pejorative for a certain farmer, once

10. Quick bite

11. Error partner

12. Venetian love

13. Mei Xiang or Tian Tian of the National Zoo

15. Like ears

18. Sommelier’s suggestion

21. They’re on the mic

22. Good dishes

23. Turn yellow, as a banana

24. Shade near nude

25. Formed sides, as for teams

28. CA airport with a See’s Candies store

29. New Orleans hrs., during the Super Bowl

30. Ornamental Japanese fish

34. “Share ___ and a song”

35. What Obama was shooting in that one picture

37. Needle workers?: Abbr.

38. London’s Old ___ theatre

39. They may result in RBIs

40. “Star Wars” race

44. Residents, e.g., briefly

46. Big talk

47. Kind of heart valve

48. Goes on after getting fed up

49. Remove by cutting

50. Checks

51. Common action movie protagonist

52. Autumn clothing color

56. She plays Hermione

57. Stink to high heaven

58. Part torn from a paycheck

60. Smartphone, somewhat outdatedly

61. Deep Blue corp.

62. Homer’s frenemy

63. Ejaculate

64. Shit starter?