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Venice Baroque Orchestra Feb 27, 2015 Founded in 1997, the Venice Baroque Orchestra is one of the world’s premier ensembles devoted to period instrument performance, with a focus on bringing freshness and experimentation to early music. 62 other events on Friday, February 27
Advisory group apparently can pay consultants to help strategize a Chargers fix
No Life Offline
Four awesome products for your console and smartphone
Academy Award-nominated film re-imagines ‘The Book of Job’ with AK-47s and vodka
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Ed Decker talks with Danielle LoPresti
Our preview of the 25th-annual edition leads our rundown of movies screening around town


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Canvassed | Art & culture

"West Side Story" launches new era for San Diego Musical Theatre

The sound in Spreckels Theatre, however, is not up to par

What's most noteworthy about San Diego Musical Theatre's current production of West Side Story is where it's being produced: Downtown at the Spreckels Theatre. It's a new home for SDMT, which had been...

CityBeat Podcasts

Episode 25 - Sordid Tales the Podcast

Ed Decker talks with Danielle LoPresti

On this episode of STP, we have Danielle LoPresti, founder of the alt-rock activist group Danielle LoPresti and the Masses, and co-founder of San Diego IndieFest—the groundbreaking, independent music and arts festival ...

Notes from the Smoking Patio

A critical look at the Kaaboo lineup

Festival has potential, but focus seems too narrow

Ever since Street Scene ended its long run in 2009 after declaring bankruptcy, San Diego's had a music festival void just waiting to be filled.

By Jeff Terich
CityBeat´s picks | Things to do this week
The Short List MAS Attack 8, San Diego Vintage Flea Market, Barrio Seed Bank and more Max Presneill wanted to do something to help take some of the pressure and anxiety out of the art-exhibition process. The former gallerist and current museum curator also wanted to bring artists together in a fun atmosphere.
Theater Old Globe’s ‘The Twenty-seventh Man’ imparts critical history lesson Besides sharing an important, under-told story, The Old Globe’s The Twenty-seventh Man showcases three veteran actors at the peak of their game. 
Film Revealing a Kangaroo court in ‘Gett: The Trial of Viviane Amsalem’ Bunkered down in the cramped hallways and trial rooms of an Israeli Rabbinical court, Gett: The Trial of Viviane Amsalem unflinchingly traps the viewer within a physical manifestation of stagnant bureaucracy.
Beer Club - The Rabbit Hole
San Diego Wing Week